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                  Haddonstone pool surrounds are   The vase section, which is in the   TS  Tech Sheet No. P42 for    Please note that the use of a
                  available in numerous         shape of a conch shell, flanked   Half Small Pool           shallow liner in a Small or Half
                  combinations of kerb, vase and   by two dolphins, is supported by                         Small pool precludes the
                  plinth sections to suit individual   a base decorated with palmettes   TS  Tech Sheet No. P12 & P41   plumbing of vases. A plinth
                  requirements. There are six    and scrolls. It can be used as a   for Small Pool          course is required to allow the
                  standard sizes: HALF SMALL,   fountain, a planter, or both.  TS  Tech Sheet No. P11 & P12   use of a shallow liner.
                  SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE,                                       for M, L, XL & XXL
                  EXTRA LARGE and               The kerb section has a                                      Typical average weights:
                  EXTRA EXTRA LARGE.            continuous moulding enriched   For details of centrepiece    Kerb sections: 31kg (68 lb)
                                                with ovolo and palmette designs.                            Vase sections: 40kg (88 lb)
                  Straight pool components,                                   fountains, see pages 90-96.   Kerb plinth: 31kg (68 lb)
                  including corners, are also    The plinth lends appeal to the                             Vase plinth: 50kg (110 lb)
                  available:                    overall appear ance of the pool,   Glass fibre pool liners are
                                                raising it from ground level.  available for the Half Small and   Simple precautions should be
                  TS  Tech Sheet No. P60 & P50                                Small pools only. Larger pools   taken to avoid frost damage
                                                Tech Sheets for pool assembly   should be lined with a water-  to fountains. Water should be
                  Stonework installation kits are   and recommended plumbing    proofed render. Both are shown   drained off before winter every
                  available for all standard Pool   layout drawings are available on   as typical sections, see page 98.   year and not replaced until spring
                  Surrounds, see price list for   request. Plumbing Tech Sheets   Alternatively butyl liners may    when any risk of hard frost has
                  details (UK only).            are:                          be used.                      passed.

                  Half-Small Pool Surround C4HSKV illustrated without plinths (internal diameter 1780mm, 70”) showing Lion Wall Fountain  TS  Tech Sheet No. P40

                  For details of centrepiece fountains, see pages 90-96.                                                                  97

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