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                  FOUNTAINS - CENTREPIECE

                  Fontainebleau Fountain

                  For details see Fontainebleau Urn A300 on page 23. Shown on a B360
                  Large Winslow Pedestal, see page 52. An inverted S310S string may
                  also be used - see page 160.

                  Recommended pump: X220
                  TS  Tech Sheet No. F80

                  General Note:  Simple precautions should be taken to avoid frost damage
                  to fountains. Water should be drained off before winter every year and not
                  replaced until spring when any risk of hard frost has passed.

                  Regency Fountain              Eastwell Fountain                                           Triple Dolphin
                  HC510                         C200                                                        Fountain C1700 inc
                                                                                                            Pedestal C180
                  Shown with non-standard jet.  See also, the Eastwell Urn
                  Supplied with Brass Rose      A260 on page 18. For pedestal
                  Jet X270, see Romanesque      see Winslow Pedestal B350                                   Three
                  Fountain, page 103.           on page 52.                                                 dolphins set
                                                                              Figured Fountain              on a pedestal
                  Width at rim: 510mm (20”)     Width at top: 785mm (31”)     C220                          as a fountain
                  Width at base: 220mm (8 ⁄4”)  Width at base: 350mm (13 ⁄4”)                               centrepiece.
                  Height: 340mm (13 ⁄2”)        Height: 595mm (23 ⁄2”)        Shown raised on an optional    See also, Lotus
                  Weight: 36kg (79 lb)          Weight: 89kg (195 lb)         Jacobean Pedestal B150 (see   Bowl page 94.
                  Recommended pump: X210        Recommended pump: X210        page 54) to create a stunning
                                                                              centrepiece fountain. See also              Pedestal C180
                  Regency Pedestal                                            Jacobean Sundial (page 79) and   Dolphin height: 510mm (20”)
                  HB330 (Illustrated on page 53)                              Figured Bird Bath (page 83).  Dolphin weight: 15kg (33 lb)
                                                                                                            Pedestal weight: 35kg (77 lb)
                  Width at top: 220mm (8 ⁄4”)                                 Bowl diameter: 520mm (20 ⁄2”)
                  Width at base: 280mm (11”)                                  Height: 710mm (28”)           Recommended pump: X220
                  Height: 430mm (17”)                                         Weight: 73kg (161 lb)         TS  Tech Sheet No. F22
                  Weight: 42kg (93 lb)                                        Recommended pump: X220
           96     Centrepiece Fountain Assembly Recommendations available                       For details of pool surrounds, see pages 97-102.

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