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                  FOUNTAINS - CENTREPIECE

                  Neapolitan Fountain

                  A centrepiece fountain featuring a Boy-holding-dolphin centrepiece,
                  the dolphin’s mouth being the fountain head. Supported by an ornate
                  base, the fountain bowl is the shape of a round shell.
                  Width of shell: 955mm (37 ⁄8”)
                  Height of shell: 255mm (10”)
                  Width of base: 495mm (19 ⁄2”)
                  Overall height: 1395mm (55”)
                  Weight: 210kg (463 lb)
                  Recommended pump: X220

                  TS  Tech Sheet No. F30

                  Boy-holding-dolphin           Small Neapolitan              Neapolitan Small              Neapolitan Large
                  Centrepiece                   Fountain                      Double Fountain               Double Fountain
                  C370A                         C3750                         C3650                         C3550

                  Height: 510mm (20”)           This charming small fountain   Formed by two ornate shell bowls   A large double fountain with
                  Width at base: 180mm (7”)     features an ornate shell bowl   and pedestals with a        ornate shell bowls and pedestals
                  Weight: 15kg (33 lb)          with a naturalistic bud fountain   naturalistic bud fountain head,   supporting an entwined
                                                head. Ideal for use as a      this fountain is ideal as a    triple-dolphin centrepiece.
                  Recommended pump: X201
                                                centrepiece in a small pool.  centrepiece for the Small Pool.  Suitable for a Medium Pool.
                                                Width of shell: 460mm (18”)   Upper shell width: 460mm (18”)  Upper shell width: 680mm (26 ⁄4”)
                                                Width of base: 250mm (9 ⁄8”)  Lower shell width: 680mm (26 ⁄4”)  Lower shell width: 955mm (37 ⁄8”)
                                                Overall height: 655mm (25 ⁄4”)  Width of base: 325mm (12 ⁄4”)  Base width: 495mm (19 ⁄2”)
                  General Note:  Simple precautions   Weight: 36kg (79 lb)    Overall height: 1175mm (46 ⁄4”)  Overall height: 1705mm (67 ⁄8”)
                  should be taken to avoid frost   Recommended pump: X201     Weight: 99kg (218 lb)         Weight: 262kg (578 lb)
                  damage to fountains. Water should   Optional Pump Housing: HC360 I  Recommended pump: X210  (Registered Design No. 2030926)
                  be drained off before winter every                          Optional Pump Housing: HC360H
                  year and not replaced until spring                                                        Recommended pump: X230
                  when any risk of hard frost has   TS  Tech Sheet No. F53    TS  Tech Sheet No. F52
                  passed.                                                                                   TS Tech Sheet No. F51
           92     Centrepiece Fountain Assembly Recommendations available                       For details of pool surrounds, see pages 97-102.

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