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                  FOUNTAINS - CENTREPIECE

                                                                                                            RHS Wisley Exotic
                                                                                                            Garden Fountain

                                                                                                            Incorporating stylised passion
                                                                                                            flower designs to the pedestals
                                                                                                            and surmounted by a custom
                                                                                                            made pineapple finial, this striking
                                                                                                            design was commissioned by
                                                                                                            the Royal Horticultural Society
                                                                                                            for their acclaimed new Exotic
                                                                                                            Garden at Wisley which opened
                                                                                                            in 2017. Based on the existing
                                                                                                            Double Lotus Fountain, for
                                                                                                            dimensions see below.
                                                                                                            Recommended pump: X230

                  Lotus Bowl HC350 on Pedestal HD2900 or HD2901
                  The Lotus Bowl makes a spectacular fountain. It may be combined with three dolphins as its centrepiece and
                  mounted on a Doric pedestal (HD2900 or HD2901). (For Triple Dolphin Fountain C1700 and Pedestal C180,
                  see page 96.)                                                                             Double Lotus
                                                                                                            Fountain HC3510
                  HC350 Weight: 690kg (1520 lb)
                  HD2900 Height: 1084mm (42 ⁄4”)                                                            Incorporating the top tiers of the
                  HD2900 Weight: 181kg (399  lb)                                                            Triple Lotus Fountain.
                  HD2901 Height: 1190mm (46 ⁄8”)
                  HD2901 Weight: 194kg (427  lb)                                                            Diameter of upper bowl:
                                                                                                            800mm (31 ⁄2”)
                  TS  Tech Sheet No. F20 & F21                                                              Diameter of lower bowl:
                                                                                                            1200mm (47 ⁄4”)
                  Please note: will require mechanical lifting                                                                   3
                  on site in all instances.                                                                 Width of base: 334mm (13 ⁄16”)
                                                                                                            Overall height: 1692mm (66 ⁄8”)
                                                                                                            Weight: 367kg (808 lb)
                  General Note for Lotus Bowl Fountains:  these large pieces of masonry are a composite material of crushed limestone and   Recommended pump: X230
                  stainless steel reinforcement.  They can sometimes suffer from stress induced superficial cracks, due to their shape and
                  size.  These cracks will not impact on the long term durability of the product and will selfheal with a chemical process called   TS  Tech Sheet No. F72
                  autogenous healing.

           94     Centrepiece Fountain Assembly Recommendations available                      For details of pool surrounds, see pages 97-102.

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