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                  FOUNTAINS - POOL SURROUNDS

                  Detail of a pool showing Haddonstone straight and outside corner pool
                  sections featuring non-standard dolphin fountains. Straight kerb and plinth
                  sections are supplied in 660mm (26”) lengths. Inside and outside corners,
                  vases and plinths are also available.
                  TS  Tech Sheet No. P60

                                                                           Client: London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

                  Pool and planting display using standard small and large Haddonstone   Torus Pool Surround showing West Lodge Fountain.
                  pool surrounds.
                                                                              Torus Pool Surround HC485

                                                                              A simple bull-nosed pool surround which can be used in conjunction
                                                                              with a Haddonstone standard Pool Liner and paving or flooring.  Ideal
                                                                              for contemporary garden designs.
                                                                              Internal diameter: 1720mm (67 /4”)
                                                                              External diameter: 2320mm (91 /8”)
                                                                              Thickness: 50mm (2”)
                                                                              Weight (per slab): 25kg (55 lb)
                                                                              Total weight: 200kg (440 lb)

          100                                                                               For details of centrepiece fountains, see pages 90-96.

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