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                  FOUNTAINS - CENTREPIECE

                                                                              Water Nymph

                  General Note:  Simple precautions                           This charming design features a
                  should be taken to avoid frost                              water nymph in a classical pose.
                  damage to fountains. Water should
                  be drained off before winter every                          The fountain can be positioned
                  year and not replaced until spring                          either adjacent to a pool or used
                  when any risk of hard frost has                             as a centrepiece. Can be
                  passed.                                                     supported on an A240 Plinth,
                                                                              see page 32. A complementary
                  Single Dolphin                                              design to Haddonstone’s Four
                  Fountain HC171                                              Seasons statues (see page 67).
                                                                              Height: 1005mm (39 ⁄2”)
                  Height: 740mm (29 ⁄8”)                                      Base diameter: 435mm (17 ⁄8”)
                  Weight: 25kg (55 lb)                                        Weight: 135kg (297 lb)
                  Recommended Pump: X210                                      Recommended Pump: X210

                  Large Dolphin                 Lion Fountain C300
                  Fountain C172                 Fountain Base C305

                  The dolphin is considered the   The lion sejant shown as a
                  king of the fish. In classical    fountain with water spouting
                  ornament the dolphin often    from its mouth. It is mounted on
                  appears as an attribute of    a waisted octagonal base. Also
                  Neptune, the Roman god of the   available as a finial, see page 71.
                  sea. This piece was inspired
                  by early XVI century Italianate   Width at lion base: 280mm (11”)
                  designs. For pedestal see     Width at base: 355mm (14”)    West Lodge Fountain HC780
                  S310S string on page 160.     Height of lion: 610mm (24”)
                                                Height of base: 280mm (11”)   Replicated for the West Lodge Park Hotel in Hertfordshire, this elegant
                  Height: 905mm (35 ⁄2”)        Weight of lion: 36kg (79 lb)  fountain is ideal for use as a centrepiece in a small pool. One of the
                  Length overall: 700mm (27 ⁄2”)  Weight of base: 31kg (68 lb)  latest additions to the Haddonstone Collection.  For Urn see page 15.
                  Width overall: 670mm (26 ⁄2”)                               Height: 527mm (20 /4”)
                  Weight: 94kg (207 lb)         Recommended pump: X210
                                                                              Width overall: 660mm (26”)
                  Recommended pump: X220                                      Width at base: 273mm (10 /4”)
                                                                              Weight: 74kg (163 lb)
                  TS  Tech Sheet No. F45
                                                                              Recommended pump: X210
           90     For details of pool surrounds, see pages 97-102.  TS  Tech Sheet No. F40

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