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                  CHOOSING A COLOUR                                           STONEAGE

                  Haddonstone, TecLite and TecStone are available in the following   If you want to achieve the instant
                  colours:                                                    aged look, so desired by many
                                                                              customers, then StoneAge is
                                    Haddonstone    TecLite    TecStone        designed to give new stone the
                                                  (TL prefix)  (G or H prefix)  look of the weathered antique.
                  Portland 01                                              Available as an antique grey
                  Bath 02                                                  concentrate, StoneAge is a
                  Terracotta 04                                            water-based formulation. It
                                                                              should be mixed with water
                  Coade 05                                      
                                                                              before being applied by spray or
                  Slate 06                                                 brush.  We recommend testing
                  Wheat 09                                                 on a discreet area first.
                  Ivory Limestone IL                            
                                                                              Supplied in 237ml (8  fl oz)
                  =  non-standard at additional cost
                  = USA only: non-standard at additional cost
                  = Standard colours are Portland 01 and Bath 02. All other
                     colours are made on request for speci c customer orders.
                                                                              SEALANTS AND CLEANERS                         (UK only)
                  Please note that throughout this catalogue the photographs show
                  Haddonstone pieces of various ages and stages of maturity.  The   Haddonstone has sourced an extensive collection of stone cleaning
                  special qualities of Haddonstone ensure a rapid weathering of   and protection products.
                  ornamental pieces, although the speed of weathering is dependent
                  upon location and climate.  The colours reproduced in this catalogue   All have been rigorously tested by Haddonstone to ensure they
                  are as accurate as the printing process will permit.        are fit for purpose and so can be purchased with confidence.
                                                                              Where relevant, Health & Safety Data Sheets are available.
                  Both colour samples and stone samples are available upon request —
                  please contat your nearest Haddonstone office.

                  Bath 02                                                     Coade 05                      USA only: Wheat 09 (non-standard)

                  Terracotta 04                 Portland 01                   Slate 06                      Ivory Limestone IL (non-standard)


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