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                                                                             Architect/Designer: Sampson Associates

                                                                              The Castle public house, Woodford Green, Essex was transformed by
                                                                              the imaginative use of stonework - including columns, parapet screening,
                                                                              statuary, finials, door surrounds, chimney pieces and a Venetian Folly façade.

                                                                           Original Design: Michael Rosenauer, Tonnet & Associates

                  The Sheraton Heathrow Hotel features Haddonstone balustrade.

                                                                           Client: Ragdale Hall Health Hydro, Leicestershire.

                  Stylish jacuzzi featuring Haddonstone Columns and entablature at a prestige   Haddonstone can be painted and gilded to great effect, as seen at this grand
                  Health Hydro in Leicestershire.                             residence in Northamptonshire.

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