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                  With its inherent strength, Haddonstone can be used in structural
                  situations. However, the usual practice is to use Haddonstone purely
                  as a decorative façade supported, where necessary, by reinforced
                  concrete or structural steelwork. This task, whilst not difficult, should be
                  carried out only under the supervision of an architect or a structural
                  engineer. If you intend to use the products structurally, let
                  Haddonstone know when you place your order, giving as much
                  detail as possible. You can then be advised on any ways in which
                  Haddonstone can simplify this work, saving you time and money.

                  Working in conjunction with your project architect and structural
                  engineer, the company can manufacture TecStone components as
                  structural units by incorporating reinforcement.

                  Where possible, Haddonstone is supplied in component form to ease
                  site handling. Consideration should be given to the weight of individual
                  components when deciding on lifting and handling procedures, with
                  due regard to the relevant regulations. Haddonstone’s website contains
                  Technical Sheets and Assembly Advice which provide specific detailed
                  information. We also recommend reference to Eurocode 6 and
                  PD 6697: 2010.


                  Haddonstone  encourage architects and other design professionals to
                  visit our unique studios and production facilities in Northamptonshire to
                  see just what makes us so special!  We arrange properly formatted full-
                  day events which can count towards your informal CPD hours.

                  During the day you will be taken on a guided tour of our factory to
                  show you the positive advantages of cast stone.  We will explain the
                  di erences between dry cast Haddonstone, wet cast TecStone and   Haddonstone now utilises the latest 3D scanning and CAD technology.
                  GRC TecLite whilst highlighting the technical advantages and best
                  use for each material.  In addition, we will show you cast stone being
                  made and will guide you through our mould making facilities, often   CAD AND NBS PLUS
                  considered the key to our operation.
                                                                              Over 500 Haddonstone architectural components are now available to
                                                                              architects and designers for use with CAD systems including AutoCAD
                                                                              DWG, DXF or Apple Mac.

                                                                              These files are available by request, enabling architects to design in the
                                                                              classical style whilst using the latest technology to save hours of
                                                                              valuable research and drawing time.

                                                                              Designs now covered in this database include balustrades, columns,
                                                                              entablatures, gate piers, copings, landscape ornaments, balls and
                                                                              bases.  In addition, Haddonstone can o er 3D scanning and 3D CAD

                                                                              Many of Haddonstone’s designs are also now available via NBS Plus,
                                                                              the preferred specification system for the construction industry.
                                                                              Haddonstone technical product information is embedded into relevant
                                                                              specification clauses within NBS Plus, meaning products can be
                                                                              instantly added into a project specification by a designer, architect or
                  Haddonstone has a state-of-the-art Woodshop including a CNC machine.

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