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INSTALLER SCHEME                   (UK only)

                  The aim of the Independent Installer
                  Scheme is to provide a list of
                  independent installers who have
                  successfully installed Haddonstone in
                  the UK.  At Haddonstone we encourage
                  independent installers to fully understand
                  our products and how best they can be
                  installed.  A member of the Independent
                  Installer Scheme will:

                  1. Uphold  the  ethos  of  high  standards,  quality  and  customer  service
                    associated with Haddonstone.
                  2. Attend Haddonstone in-house training and/or have previously installed
                    Haddonstone products to a high standard.
                  3. Provide satisfactory trade and credit references to Haddonstone.
                  4. Provide Haddonstone with annual proof of Public Liability insurance.
                  5. Carry  out  works  in  a  safe  manner,  observing  relevant  Health  and
                    Safety procedures and law.
                  6. Understand the importance of communication with customers from
                    initial quotation to completion and beyond and will endeavour to reply
                    to  any  communication  within  48  hours  (excluding  weekends  and   Haddonstone was awarded the prestigious International Green Apple Gold Award
                    statutory holidays).                                      (Building Materials) for Environmental Best Practice and Sustainable Development
                  7. Not request a deposit greater than 10% of the value of the stonework   by the Green Organisation for restoration work at Scarborough Spa.
                    prior to delivery by Haddonstone on site.
                  8. Confirm complete independence from Haddonstone.           ENVIRONMENTAL &
                  It is important to remember that, in using any independent installer
                  on the Independent Installer Scheme list, Haddonstone remains the   SUSTAINABILITY POLICY
                  stone supplier only and there is no warranty implied or intended as to
                  the quality of the workmanship provided by any independent installer   Haddonstone  is committed to an Environmental & Sustainability
                  whose name Haddonstone provides.  The client must ensure that they   Management System to ensure that work activity processes do not
                  have independently satisfied themselves that the independent installer is   make a significant impact on the environment.  A copy of the full
                  appropriate and capable of carrying out any required works.  Environmental & Sustainability Policy is available on request.

                                                                              Best environmental practice is adopted wherever possible.
                  MEETING THE STANDARDS                                       Haddonstone undertakes the management of finite, naturally occurring
                                                                              resources by balancing needs with future sustainability. Objectives
                                                                              include: energy conservation; resource conservation; reducing pollution;
                  Haddonstone recognises the exacting requirements of its customers,   waste reduction and re-cycling; and the minimisation of hazardous
                  both private and professional, and an ongoing research and     substance use. As a result, all environmental and sustainability aspects
                  development programme ensures that the highest standards are     are identified and, where necessary, controlled to minimise or eliminate
                                                                              their e ect on the environment.
                  In 1991, Haddonstone was a founder member of the United Kingdom
                  Cast Stone Association (UKCSA). The Association defines strict levels   POINTING MIX
                  of technical performance, which are set out in the UKCSA Technical
                  Manual. Haddonstone’s minimum compressive cube strength at 28   Haddonstone’s pointing mixes are used to achieve a good colour
                  days is greater than 35 MPa, whilst TecStone’s is greater than 45 MPa.     match in joints between components. They are totally unsuitable for
                  Both materials therefore exceed the requirements of the UKCSA   use as a bedding mix.  Pointing mix is mixed by hand to achieve the
                  specification and comply with the requirements of BS 1217: 2008,      best match to Haddonstone, TecStone or TecLite in terms of both
                  BS 5642-2: 1983 + A1 2014 and BS EN 13198: 2003. In addition,     colour and texture.  See Haddonstone’s “Pointing Recommendations
                  TecStone — a denser material with a smoother finish to meet
                  demanding design and performance criteria — also exceeds
                  the requirements of ASTM C1364-17 Standard Specification for
                  Architectural Cast Stone in the United States of America.
                                                                              TECHNICAL SHEETS
                  As part of Haddonstone’s Quality Assurance procedures, the materials
                  are regularly tested both in the company’s own laboratory and by   To provide professional clients with every assistance in the use of
                  recognised independent laboratories. Thus, customers may have every   Haddonstone, the company has produced a comprehensive range
                  confidence that the quality and durability of Haddonstone, TecStone   of Technical Sheets. These are available by request.
                  and TecLite materials will meet their needs.

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