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                  PLACING AN ORDER

                  What happens when you place an order with Haddonstone?  Once
                  we receive your written acceptance of our quotation a sequence of
                  activities within Haddonstone commences:

                  When we receive your order

                  •   If drawings are required these will need your approval before
                     production can commence.
                  •   A deposit is requested with the full balance payable prior to
                     delivery. If you are a business with long term stone requirements
                     we can open a credit account – subject to approval by our
                     accounts department.
                  •   Once approved, orders are broken down into individual
                     components so that an Order Acknowledgment can be created.
                     Each component has its own unique product code and colour
                  •   The Order Acknowledgement will then be emailed to you. Please
                     check this document thoroughly as it details all the stonework we
                     will shortly be making for you.  If, at any time, your order details   HADDONSTONE QUALITY MARK
                     change, a revised order confirmation will be emailed out to you for
                     checking.                                                The Haddonstone Quality Mark
                                                                              is a new concept that will help
                  Into production                                             authenticate items produced by the
                  •   The details of your order are automatically transferred to our
                     production facility where each component is scheduled for   The mark is physically in the mould
                     manufacture. Scheduling takes into account our current work load,   of most garden ornament designs
                     mould availability, number of castings required and, of course, your   to ensure that customers know they
                     requirements which may include phased delivery. This may also   have a genuine Haddonstone product.
                     involve new mould manufacture or existing mould refurbishment to
                     maintain quality.                                        Similar marks have been used by renowned past manufacturers
                                                                              including Coade, Doulton and Pulham.
                  Delivery information (UK only)                              Weathered Haddonstone designs have a history of selling at auction
                                                                              for a price that far exceeds their original price.  The Quality Mark will
                  •   When our Transport Manager schedules your order for delivery   provide reassurance that the product is true Haddonstone.
                     this will then automatically trigger a second email to you – Order
                     Delivery Details - which will inform you of the proposed delivery
                     date. You must contact us as soon as possible if the proposed   GIFT VOUCHERS & CERTIFICATES
                     date is unacceptable.
                  •   Our driver will telephone you one or two working days prior   Haddonstone Gift Vouchers make the ideal gift for all occasions ~ from
                     to delivery to confirm an approximate delivery time with you.   weddings and birthdays to Christmas and retirement. They can even be
                     Please be aware we carry out multiple drops and our drivers can   issued as part of a company incentive scheme.
                     sometimes be delayed due to circumstances beyond their control.
                  •   All our stonework is delivered on carefully packaged pallets which   Haddonstone has a range of gift vouchers in the following
                     are shrink wrapped for stability and safety. A pallet manifest label is   denominations: £5, £10, £25, £50, £100, £250, £500 and £1000.
                     attached to each pallet detailing every component on that pallet.  Vouchers can also be created for specific values on request.
                  •   All our vehicles are fitted with either mounted forklift trucks or tail   Haddonstone (USA) Ltd offers gift certificates in US $ values.
                     lifts and pallet trucks.
                  •   Although we promise a minimum of ‘kerbside’ delivery, our drivers   Vouchers or certificates can be redeemed against any items in the
                     will make every effort to deliver the pallet(s) to your preferred   current edition of The Haddonstone Collection, custom-made
                     location. However, our drivers can only go where they deem it is   stonework or transport. To order, simply contact the UK or US offices
                     safe for all parties. Please accept his expert advice.   or visit
                  •   You will be asked to sign a Delivery Note to acknowledge the safe
                     receipt of your stonework. A copy will also be given to you for your   Please note: Haddonstone Standard Terms & Conditions apply. In addition:
                     records.                                                 Haddonstone Gift Vouchers have no cash redemption value; no change will
                  •   Once delivery has been completed we will email you a VAT invoice.  be given if the value redeemed is less than the value of the Gift Voucher; and
                  •   In the USA we normally deliver by common carrier keeping the   Vouchers are only valid for retail purchases direct from Haddonstone Ltd or
                     client informed regarding the planned delivery date.     Haddonstone (USA) Ltd. .

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