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                  INTERIOR DESIGNS

                  Large Corinthian Table D451
                  Illustrated with Venus statue E680, see page 65.

                  Incorporating both a circular table top and a classically proportioned
                  large Corinthian capital, this table can be used successfully in both
                  interior and garden settings.
                  Table Top:                     Support:
                  Diameter: 1370mm (54”)         Height: 675mm (26 ⁄2”)
                  Thickness: 80mm (3 ⁄8”)        Width at base: 700mm (27 ⁄2”)
                  Weight: 186kg (410 lb)         Weight: 250kg (551 lb)

                  Scrolled Table Support F290                                 Haddonstone Table Support F270
                  Ideal for use as a coffee table.  Each support takes the form of a   This robust pedestal support features acanthus-leaf mouldings with
                  basketweave and artificial leaf design terminated by decorative volutes.    diagonal fluting and stylised acanthus flowers.  Can be used either as a
                  For use as a pair.  Glass table top not supplied.           desk or a table.  Glass table top not supplied.
                  Height: 405mm (16”)       Width: 230mm (9”)                 Height: 705mm (27 ⁄4”)    Length at base: 470mm (18 ⁄2”)
                  Length: 610mm (24”)       Weight (each): 58kg (128 lb)      Width at base: 255mm (10”)   Weight (each): 91kg (201 lb)
                  Lion-head Table                                                                           Acanthus
                  Lamp F250                                                                                 Table Lamp F100

                  This beautiful table lamp is                                                              An elegant table lamp with
                  embellished with robust lion                                                              decorative acanthus-leaf
                  masks.                                                                                    mouldings.
                  Stonework height:                                                                         Stonework height:
                    475mm (18 ⁄4”)                                                                            400mm (15 ⁄4”)
                  Width at base: 205mm (8”)                                                                 Width at base: 205mm (8”)
                  Weight: 17kg (37 lb)                                                                      Weight: 9kg (20 lb)
                  Supplied with brass bayonet lamp                                                          Supplied with brass bayonet lamp
                  holder, plug and approx. 2m (78”)                                                         holder, plug and approx. 2m (78”)
                  of cable (not USA). Shade not                                                             of cable (not USA). Shade not
                  included.                                                                                 included.


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