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Tatham Tazza Q998

                  The Coade original for this fine design dates from c1812 and is known
                  as the Tatham Tazza after Charles Heathcote Tatham (1772-1842), an
                  architect of considerable repute who studied in Italy.
                  Width at top: 890mm (35”)     Height: 660mm (26”)
                  Width at base: 460mm (18 ⁄8”)   Weight: 127kg (280 lb)
                  Recommended pedestals: B120, B360

                                                                              Large Clarence Urn

                                                                              An elegant Regency-style urn,
                                                                              identical in proportion to the
                                                                              Clarence Urn A215, see
                                                                              page 14.                      Leazes Park Urn

                  Jubilee Urn A440                                            Width at top: 780mm (30 ⁄4”)  HA455
                                                                              Width at base: 350mm (13 ⁄4”)
                  To commemorate the occasion of our Silver Jubilee in 1996,   Height: 605mm (23 ⁄4”)       Featuring bold acanthus leaf
                  Haddonstone produced a Jubilee Urn inspired by James Blashfield’s   Weight: 104kg (229 lb)  decoration to the bowl, this
                  XIX century artificial stone tazza. A special limited edition of twenty-five              design was created specifically
                  was launched at the Chelsea Flower Show. A standard edition is now a   Recommended pedestals: B255,   for the restoration of Leazes
                  part of the Haddonstone Collection.                         B265                          Park in Newcastle.
                                                                                                            Height: 890mm (35”)
                  Width at top: 810mm (32”)   Height: 775mm (29 ⁄4”)                                        Width at top: 920mm (36 ⁄4”)
                  Width at base: 330mm (13”)   Weight: 145kg (319 lb)                                       Width at base: 640mm (25 ⁄16”)
                                                                                                            Weight: 310kg (683 lb)
                  Recommended pedestals: B120, B255, B265, B350
                                                                                                            Please note: requires mechanical
                                                                                                            lifting on site in all instances.
                 TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings  TS   Tech Sheet No. M50 & M51  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR2 General Assembly Recommendations  21

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