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                 PLANTERS -TRADITIONAL

                  Gothic Urn and Base

                  A Regency-period octagonal urn with single quatrefoil panels mounted
                  on a waisted square base. These impressive urns line the Rose Walk at
                  Lambeth Palace. Gothic Vase (see below), Gothic Jardiniere (page 35)
                  and Large Gothic Jardiniere (page 35) also available.
                  Width at top of urn: 620mm (24 ⁄2”)
                  Width at base of urn: 355mm (14”)
                  Width of base: 485mm (19”)
                  Height of urn: 585mm (23”)
                  Height overall: 745mm (29 ⁄4”)
                  Weight overall: 150kg (330 lb)

                  Lotus Vase                    Wilton Urn                    Ascott Urn                    Gothic Vase
                  A470                          A760                          A180                          A380

                  An octagonal Regency-style vase   Reproduced from an original urn   Originally replicated for the   Regency-style octagonal vase
                  with a beautiful lotus-leaf design   standing in the Italian Garden   National Trust Ascott estate   with single quatrefoil panels.
                  carved on the vase and base.   at Wilton House, Salisbury, by   from a Pulham original, this small   Ideal for decorating a terrace.
                  Replicated from an XIX century   kind permission of the Earl of   urn is adorned with goat heads,   Gothic Urn and Base (see above),
                  Blashfield original.          Pembroke.  This urn is suitable   the bowl being deocrated with   Gothic Jardiniere (page 35)
                  Width at top: 405mm (16”)     for use as a decorative feature   a band of nail-head motifs and   and Large Gothic Jardiniere
                  Width at base: 320mm (12 ⁄2”)  on balustrade piers.         plain leaf moulding.          (page 35) also available.
                  Height: 495mm (19 ⁄2”)        Width at top: 385mm (15 ∕2”)  Width at top: 350mm (13 ∕4”)                      1
                  Weight: 40kg (88 lb)          Width at base: 255mm (10”)    Width overall: 515mm (20 ∕4”)  Width at top: 565mm (22 ⁄4”)
                                                                                                            Width at base: 400mm (15 ⁄4”)
                                                Height: 455mm (18”)           Width at base: 290mm (11 ∕2”)   Height: 590mm (23 ⁄4”)
                                                Weight: 35kg (77 lb)          Height: 455mm (18”)           Weight: 70kg (154 lb)
                                                Recommended pedestals: B300,   Weight: 46kg (100 lb)
                                                B310, B400, B420, B440.       Recommended pedestals: B255,
                                                                              B265, B300, B310, B331, B350,
                                                                              B400, B420, B440.
           16     TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings  TS   Tech Sheet No. M50 & M51  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR2 General Assembly Recommendations

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