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Hadrian Vase

                  A405 (with handles)
                  The Hadrian Vase combines a half-gadrooned bowl with
                  egg-and-dart rim, two scroll and foliate carved handles, a circular socle
                  and square base. The Hadrian Vase is also available without handles,
                  see below.
                  Maximum width: 970mm (38”)    Height: 840mm (33”)
                  Width at base: 350mm (13 ⁄4”)   Weight: 171kg (377 lb)
                  Recommended pedestals: B255, B265, B350

                  Hadrian Vase                  French Urn                    State Vase                    Zahra Vase

                  A404 (without handles)        A320                          with handles A600             A790
                  The Hadrian Vase combines a   A facsimile of a Renaissance   State Vase                   The abstract pattern of this vase
                  half-gadrooned bowl with      campana-shaped urn with       without handles A590          with stylised Ashoka buds,
                  egg-and-dart rim, a circular   medallion and intricate relief of   (not illustrated)      tendrils and leaf nodes results
                  socle and square base. The    vine leaves. The underside of the                           from a cultural blend of Islamic
                  Hadrian Vase is also available   bowl and the neck are decorated   This imposing mid-Victorian    and Indian traditions.
                  with handles, see above.      with acanthus leaves.         design has been translated from
                                                                              a cast-iron original and is    Width at top: 580mm (22 ⁄4”)
                  Width at top: 760mm (30”)     Width at top: 660mm (26”)     available with or without handles.  Width at base: 430mm (17”)
                  Width at base: 350mm (13 ⁄4”)  Width at base: 330mm (13”)                                 Height: 660mm (26”)
                  Height: 685mm (27”)           Height: 650mm (25 ⁄2”)        Width at top: 560mm (22”) 3   Weight: 120kg (264 lb)
                  Weight: 158kg (348 lb)        Weight: 96kg (211 lb)         Width at base: 300mm (11 ⁄4”)
                                                                              Height: 785mm (31”)
                  Recommended pedestals: B255,   Recommended pedestals: B255,   Weight: 81kg (179 lb)
                  B265, B350                    B265, B350, B370
                                                                              Recommended pedestals: B255, B265,
                                                                              B350, B370

                 TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings  TS   Tech Sheet No. M50 & M51  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR2 General Assembly Recommendations  19

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