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Versailles Vase

                                                                              A simple campana-shaped state vase with restrained gadrooning to
                                                                              the bowl. Identical in proportion to the Large Versailles Vase A680, see
                                                                              page 24. This design was replicated from a Blashfield original.

                                                                              Width at top: 535mm (21”)
                                                                              Width at base: 255mm (10”)
                                                                              Height: 685mm (27”)
                                                                              Weight: 50kg (110 lb)

                                                                              Recommended pedestals: B255, B265, B300, B310, B331, B400, B420, B440,

                  Etruscan Vase                 Small Haddo House Urn A395                                  Florentine Urn
                  A280                          Large Haddo House Urn A390                                  A290

                  The beautiful Etruscan Vase was   Haddonstone was commissioned by the National Trust for Scotland   Reproduced from an ornate
                  com missioned by a private client   to replicate these urns. Haddo House is a splendid design by William   early XIX century urn acquired
                  and features a simple campana   Adam, built between 1732 and 1735 for William, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen.   from Florence, this design is
                  shape with gadrooning to the   The campana-shaped urns that adorn the grounds are decorated with   swathed in a rich vine relief, with
                  bowl and an egg and dart rim.   restrained gadrooning to the bowl incorporating scrolled handles.  gadrooning around the base.
                  Width at top: 420mm (16 ⁄2”)  Small Haddo House Urn:                                      Width at top: 585mm (23”)
                  Width at base: 195mm (7 ⁄2”)  Width at top: 570mm (22 ⁄2”)   Height: 755mm (29 ⁄4”)       Width at base: 335mm (13 ⁄4”)
                  Height: 460mm (18”)           Width at base: 305mm (12”)    Weight: 68kg (150 lb)         Height: 890mm (35”)
                  Weight: 19kg (42 lb)          Recommended pedestals: B255, B265, B350                     Weight: 115kg (253 lb)
                  Recommended pedestals: B130,   Large Haddo House Urn:                                     Recommended pedestals:
                  B300, B310, B330, B400, B420,   Width at top: 650mm (25 ⁄2”)   Height: 885mm (34 ⁄4”)     B255, B265, B350, B370
                  B440, B480.                   Width at base: 330mm (13”)    Weight: 95kg (209 lb)
                                                Recommended pedestals: B255, B265, B350, B370

                  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings  TS   Tech Sheet No. M50 & M51  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR2 General Assembly Recommendations  17

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