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                  PLANTERS -TRADITIONAL

                                                Plaited Jardiniere                                          Royal Pedestal
                                                A520                                                        A560

                                                This is a replica of an exquisite                           An elevated pedestal planter in
                                                Victorian jardiniere with a                                 the style of a similar arrangement
                                                combination of basketwork                                   in the Royal Summer Palace
                                                design to the bowl and leaf                                 Gardens, Bangkok.  Incorporating
                                                moulding to the rim. Neat and                               the Plaited Jardiniere, see left.
                                                compact, it is an immensely                                 Height overall: 1650mm (65”)
                                                versatile piece.
                                                                                                            Width at top: 790mm (31”)
                                                Width at top: 790mm (31”)                                   Weight: 254kg (560 lb)
                                                Width at base: 395mm (15 ⁄2”)                               TS  Tech Sheet No. M15
                                                Height: 330mm (13”)
                                                Weight: 75kg (162 lb)

                  Tudor                         Small Tudor                   Elizabethan                   Small Elizabethan
                  Jardiniere                    Jardiniere                    Jardiniere                    Jardiniere
                  A630                          A625                          A270                          A275

                  An interwoven strapwork design   In response to requests from   A versatile container which   The attractive strapwork
                  with rope decoration around   our clients for a smaller jardiniere   complements a traditional or    decoration on this design
                  the rim and foot. This jardiniere   we introduced this piece to the   contemporary setting.  complements the popular
                  is designed for placing on walls   range which complements the                            Elizabethan Jardiniere. Also, the
                  and piers as well as at ground   popular original Haddonstone   Width at top: 660mm (26”)  Elizabethan Box (see page 25).
                  level.                        design and is ideal for interior   Width at base: 430mm (17”)
                                                planting in conservatories and   Height: 470mm (18 ⁄2”)     Width at top: 470mm (18 ⁄2”)
                  Width at top: 535mm (21”)     garden rooms.                 Weight: 79kg (175 lb)         Width at base: 300mm (11 ⁄4”)
                  Width at base: 360mm (14 ⁄4”)                                                             Height: 345mm (13 ⁄8”)
                  Height: 380mm (15”)           Width at top: 395mm (15 ⁄2”)                                Weight: 41kg (90 lb)
                  Weight: 38kg (84 lb)          Width at base: 245mm (9 ⁄4”)
                                                Height: 290mm (11 ⁄2”)
                                                Weight: 26kg (57 lb)

           26                                                        TS  Tech Sheet No. M52 & M53    TS  Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings

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