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                  PLANTERS -TRADITIONAL

                  Westonbirt Urn A755

                  Commissioned as a commemoration by the governors of Westonbirt
                  School, Gloucestershire. The original was manufactured by Pulham
                  from a design attributed to the architect Lewis Vulliamy who was active
                  in the early XIX century. This scaled-down version is typical of his style,
                  featuring spiralled gadrooning and egg-and-dart rim.
                  Width at top: 700mm (27 ⁄4”)   Height: 650mm (25 ⁄2”)
                  Width at base: 380mm (15 ⁄4”)   Weight: 129kg (285 lb)
                  Recommended pedestals: B255, B265, B370, B450

                  Winslow Vase A770             Swagged Adam                  Ionian Vase                   Festooned Vase
                  Winslow Pedestal              Vase A605                     A425                          A285
                  B350                          Adapted from Haddonstone’s    This design in the Greek Revival   Designed for use in association
                                                popular finial, see page 81, the   style features a ribbed neck with   with the Festooned Jardiniere
                  An unusual design with fluted
                  decoration and leaf mouldings. Its   Swagged Adam Vase is a stylish   a gadrooned bowl surmounted   (see page 30), this design by
                  elegant proportions make it ideal    planter featuring drapery swags.  by a palmette band and an egg   Haddonstone can be elevated
                  for entrances and walkways.   Width overall: 495mm (19 ⁄2”)  and dart rim design. Designed   on a variety of standard pedestals
                                                                              for use in conjunction with the
                                                                                                            and plinths.
                                                Width at base: 229mm (9”)
                  Width at vase top: 620mm (24 ⁄2”)            7              Ionian Jardiniere (see page 30).                  1
                  Width at vase base: 300mm (11 ⁄4”)  Height: 530mm (20 ⁄8”)                      3         Width at top: 520mm (20 ⁄2”)
                  Pedestal top width:  355mm (14”)  Weight: 50kg (110 lb)     Width at top: 500mm (19 ⁄4”)  Width at base: 280mm (11”)
                  Pedestal base width:  525mm (20 ⁄4”)  Recommended pedestals: B420,   Width at base: 270mm (10 ⁄8”)  Height: 850mm (33 ⁄2”)
                  Height of vase: 865mm (34”)   B440, B490, B495.             Height: 845mm (33 ⁄4”)        Weight: 115kg (253 lb)
                  Height of pedestal: 205mm (8”)                              Weight: 104kg (229 lb)        Recommended pedestals: B255,
                  Weight of vase: 84kg (186 lb)                               Recommended pedestals: B255,   B265, B331
                  Weight of pedestal: 57kg (125 lb)                           B265, B331
                  Recommended pedestals: B255,
                  B265, B350, B370
           20    TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings  TS   Tech Sheet No. M50 & M51  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR2 General Assembly Recommendations

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