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West Lodge Urn

                  Featuring gadrooning to the bowl, this elegant small urn was originally
                  replicated for West Lodge Park Hotel in Hertfordshire.  See also, West
                  Lodge Fountain, page 90.

                  Height: 527mm (20 /4”)
                  Width overall: 660mm (26”)
                  Width at base: 273mm (10 /4”)
                  Weight: 74kg (163 lb)
                                                                             Image courtesy: Sandra Neave
                  Recommended pedestals: B300, B310, B400, B420, B440.

                  Sheraton Vase                 Regency Urn                   Trafalgar Urn                 Victoria Vase
                  A610                          A530                          A620                          A695

                  Designed by Haddonstone,      Regency Pedestal              An urn of early XIX century   An elegant vase with acanthus
                  this charming vase features   B330                          design with egg and dart      decoration.
                  gadrooning and fluting to the                               moulding around the rim and   Width at top:  535mm (21”)
                  bowl, enriched around the rim   This popular urn is shown on a   a fluted base. This urn can be   Width at base:  265mm (10 ∕2”)
                  with rods and ribbons in the   simple pedestal and can also   used as a decorative ornament   Height:  445mm (17 ∕2”)
                  style of Sheraton. Ideal for    enhance balustrading.       on balustrade piers.          Weight: 41kg (90 lb)
                  interior planting in conservatories                                                       Recommended pedestals: B300,
                  and garden rooms.             Width at urn top: 485mm (19”)  Width at top: 585mm (23”)
                                                Width at urn base: 220mm (8 ⁄4”)  Width at base: 240mm (9 ⁄2”)  B310, B331, B400, B420, B440.
                  Height: 355mm (14”)           Pedestal base width:  280mm   Height: 430mm (17”)
                  Width overall: 395mm (15 ⁄2”)  (11”)                        Weight: 48kg (106 lb)
                  Width at base: 230mm (9”)     Height of urn: 380mm (15”)
                  Weight: 32kg (70 lb)          Height of pedestal: 430mm (17”)  Recommended pedestals: B300,
                                                Weight of urn: 30kg (66 lb)   B310, B331, B400, B420, B440,
                  Recommended pedestals: B300,   Weight of pedestal: 33kg (73 lb)  B695.
                  B310, B331, B400, B420, B440,
                  B480.                         Alternative pedestals: B130, B300,
                                                B310, B400, B420, B440, B480.

                  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings  TS   Tech Sheet No. M50 & M51  TS    Tech Sheet No. GAR2 General Assembly Recommendations  15

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