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                  As with any material and any manufacturer, there are limitations of use,
                  things you need to be aware of when installing and ways to ensure the
                  product continues to provide enjoyment for years to come.  We believe
                  it is important for you to be aware of this information.

                  Colours and Textures                                        Positioning

                  Like quarried stone, Haddonstone can exhibit slight shade variations   It is essential that a Haddonstone design is sited on a firm and level
                  from piece to piece, reflecting the colour of the natural materials used   area to suit site conditions and loadings.  An 8 to 1 sand/cement
                  in the production process.                                  bedding mortar should be used to ensure that the weight of the stone
                                                                              is spread evenly, avoiding any pivoting or twisting strain between
                  Haddonstone is less susceptible to the detrimental effects of   stone components and between stone and floor.  We cannot accept
                  weathering, which can damage the laminated structure of quarried   responsibility for cracking or breakage if this instruction is ignored.
                  stone, and can be aesthetically more pleasing as it often matures and
                  develops character much earlier.                            Weight

                  Due to differences in manufacturing techniques, there will inevitably be   Be aware that Haddonstone designs are inherently heavy and
                  variations in the surface textures and colour shades of Haddonstone,   precautions must be taken to avoid injury during lifting.  Where possible,
                  TecStone and TecLite materials.                             mechanical lifting is recommended and, in some instances, essential.

                  Please note that throughout this catalogue the photographs show   Lime Bloom
                  Haddonstone pieces of various ages and stages of maturity.  The
                  special qualities of Haddonstone ensure a rapid weathering of   Efflorescence, also known as lime bloom, may appear as a white
                  ornamental pieces, although the speed of weathering is dependent   deposit on the surface of any product containing cement or limestone.
                  upon location and climate.                                  This is temporary and will disappear as a result of normal weathering, or
                                                                              may be carefully removed with a brick cleaning acid.
                  The colours reproduced in this catalogue are as accurate as the print
                  process will permit.  Stone colour samples are available on request.   Hairline Cracks

                  Care & Maintenance                                          Under certain exceptional conditions a hairline crack may occur in
                                                                              the surface of the product, a characteristic of any material using a
                  With careful handling, Haddonstone needs no special maintenance as   cementitious binder. In normal circumstances, as autogenous healing
                  long as it is not exposed to extreme conditions. For example, it is   occurs, this will have no effect on the structural integrity of the piece.
                  recommended that in very hot weather a planter should be watered   Autogenous healing is a natural process of repair that occurs in moist
                  only in the early morning or cool evening. Also, in freezing conditions,   conditions when free lime within the product seals minor cracks.
                  fountain bowls should be emptied. To avoid harming the stone surface
                  rock salt, proprietary de-icers or chlorine products should not be used.   Updates

                  Planters                                                    The illustrations, technical information and data contained in this
                                                                              catalogue, to Haddonstone’s best knowledge, were correct at the time
                  Haddonstone planters are suitable for acid-loving plants if used with   of going to print.  The right to change specifications at any time, without
                  an appropriate non-permeable liner. When planters are used in interior   notice, is reserved as part of a policy of continuous development and
                  settings, a non-permeable liner should also be used as planters are   improvement.
                  made with drainage holes and the material has natural porosity. When
                  interior architectural stonework is used in public areas it is advisable
                  to seal the surface of the stone with a clear sealer, available from your
                  nearest Haddonstone office.

                  Natural dyes in composts containing peat, coir or coconut husk, as   FIVE YEAR WARRANTY
                  well as decomposing leaves, can produce a brown staining which is
                  very difficult to remove. Many fertilizers contain ferrous compounds   Haddonstone offers a five year warranty on all cast stone garden
                  that cause rust stains. Cast-in fixings and reinforcement used during   ornaments purchased direct from the company on production of the
                  production are non-ferrous, usually stainless steel.        product’s original invoice or order acknowledgement. This warranty
                                                                              only applies in the unlikely event that a product fails, due to a design
                  Fountains                                                   or production fault. This warranty does not apply if Haddonstone
                                                                              assembly recommendations have not been followed or if a problem
                    Simple precautions should be taken to avoid frost damage to fountains.   arises as a consequence of the actions of the client or a third party.
                  Water should be drained off before winter every year and not replaced   Contact your nearest Haddonstone office for the full terms of this
                  until spring when any risk of hard frost has passed.        warranty which does not affect your statutory rights.

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