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                  Baluster Sundial Plinth D140          P

                  This simple baluster sundial design features cyma reversa moulding to
                  both the square base and table. In each corner the table top has been
                  decorated with vermiculated rustication (see below for details of X700
                  Brass Dial and Gnomon).
                  Width at top: 320mm (12 ⁄2”)   Height: 875mm (34 ⁄2”)
                  Width of base: 320mm (12 ⁄2”)   Weight: 51kg (112 lb)
                  Baluster Sundial Plinth D145   P
                  (Illustrated on page 80)
                  As Baluster Sundial D140 (see above) but featuring a plain top, without
                  recess.  This allows customers to use their own circular or square
                  sundial plate or Crescent Sundial, see page 80.

                  Adam Sundial Plinth           Georgian Sundial              Brass Dials and Gnomons
                  D135                          Plinth D260                   Designed exclusively for use with the Haddonstone collection of
                  (for Dial and Gnomon X710)                                  sundials, both of these beautiful solid-brass dials and gnomons feature
                                                A beautiful baluster sundial, after
                  This octagonal sundial plinth   James Gibbs. See right for X700   the Haddonstone sundial verse:
                  is similar to the Adam Sundial   Brass Dial and Gnomon. For Bird   “Make time, save time while time lasts.
                  Plinth D130 (see page 81);    Bath, see page 83.            All time is no time when time is past.”
                  however, it features a larger   Table Diameter: 335mm (13 ⁄4”)
                  table for use with the large X710   Width of base: 335mm (13 ⁄4”)  Note: Plinths and dials are priced separately – see price list.
                  Brass Dial and Gnomon.        Height: 845mm (33 ⁄4”)
                                                Weight: 73kg (161 lb)
                  D135 table width: 520mm (20 ⁄2”)                            Brass Dial and                Brass Dial and
                  Plinth base width: 430mm (17”)
                  Height of plinth: 1070mm (42”)  Georgian Sundial            Gnomon X700                   Gnomon X710
                  D135 plinth weight: 164kg (362 lb)  Plinth D265             (for D140, D150, D250 &       (for D280 &
                                                (Illustrated on page 63)      D260 Plinths)                 D135 Plinths)

                                                As D260 but without recess on    Diameter of dial: 290mm (11 ⁄2”)  Diameter of dial: 405mm (16”)
                                                the top. Ideal for customer’s own    Height of gnomon: 125mm (5”)  Height of gnomon: 185mm (7 ⁄4”)
                                                sundial or the Crescent Sundial,    Weight: 1.1kg (2 ⁄2 lb)  Weight: 2.7kg (6 lb)
                                                see page 80.
           78     P Personalised version available                                                                TS  Tech Sheet No. M55

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