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                  Finials are normally used to adorn gate piers, entrances or balustrading.
                  They provide a decorative alternative to the geometric Ball & Base
                  designs (see page 77). Many of Haddonstone’s finials have been
                  replicated from notable country houses including National Trust
                  properties. Alongside these standard designs, Haddonstone is also able
                  to create custom designs to meet individual requirements or to replicate
                  an existing design as part of a restoration project.

                  Ven Finial                    Vine House Finial             Swagged Adam Finial
                  E715                          E730                          E740

                  Replicated as part of the     Sir Christopher Wren has been   An Adam-style finial with a scalloped lid surmounted by a naturalistic
                  restoration of the William-and-  authorita tively associated with   bud. The main decoration to the finial comprises drapery swags
                  Mary-style country house of   the original finial from which this   terminated with disc moulding and lion masks over a fluted body. The lid
                  Ven in Dorset, this exquisite   Haddonstone design has been   may be removed, allowing this finial to be planted during the spring and
                  finial is now included in the   developed.                  summer months. See also Swagged Adam Vase, page 20.
                  Haddonstone Collection.
                                                Height: 790mm (31”)           Height: 762mm (30”)
                  Height: 826mm (32 ⁄2”)        Width overall: 410mm (16”)    Width overall: 495mm (19 ⁄2”)
                  Width overall: 390mm (15 ⁄4”)  Width at base: 230mm (9”)    Width at base: 229mm (9”)
                  Width at base: 245mm (9 ⁄4”)  Weight: 45kg (100 lb)         Weight: 64kg (141 lb)
                  Weight: 43kg (95 lb)

                  TS  Tech Sheet No. M60     TS  Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings                                                     73

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