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                  Margam Masked Urn E500

                  A Georgian-style urn adorned in high relief with naturalistic vines and
                  satyr heads.  Haddonstone was commissioned to restore the original
                  urns at Margam Orangery, South Wales, as part of the British project
                  for the 1975 European Architectural Heritage Year.

                  Width overall: 560mm (22”)
                  Width at base: 255mm (10”)
                  Height: 915mm (36”)
                  Weight: 78kg (172 lb)

                  Newlands Urn A500             Bishop’s Finial E192

                  The Newlands Urn is a small,   A simple decorative finial par-
                  lidded urn with tongue moulding   ticularly suitable for pedimented
                  to the rim.  The main decoration   porticos or pavilions.
                  to the urn comprises drapery   Height: 660mm (26”)
                  festoons terminated in ribbon   Max. width: 209mm (8 ⁄4”)
                  knots, each supporting a bunch   Weight: 35kg (77 lb)
                  of fruit, all overlying a band of
                  strong egg moulding.
                  Width overall: 450mm (17 ⁄4”)                               Margam Swagged Urn E510
                  Width at base: 270mm (10 ⁄2”)
                  Height: 545mm (21 ⁄2”)                                      A very elegant Georgian urn with formal floral and lion-head
                  Weight: 50kg (110 lb)                                       decoration. Originally manufactured by the illustrious Coade company.
                                                                              This piece was also restored for Margam Orangery, South Wales.
                                                                              Width overall: 585mm (23”)
                                                                              Width at base: 255mm (10”)
                                                                              Height: 660mm (26”)
                                                                              Weight: 75kg (165 lb)

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