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XVIII Century Lion E450

                  XVIII Century Lion Pedestal B200

                  Well-proportioned lion couchant, which can be mounted on the B200
                  pedestal. Suitable for terraces or tops of steps.

                  Length of lion: 610mm (24”)
                  Width of lion: 280mm (11”)
                  Height of lion: 405mm (16”)
                  Weight of lion: 56kg (125 lb)
                  Length of pedestal at foot: 645mm (25 ⁄2”)
                  Width of pedestal at foot: 330mm (13”)
                  Height of pedestal: 240mm (9 ⁄2”)
                  Weight of pedestal: 57kg (126 lb)

                  Lion Finial E460
                  Lion Base A370B

                  This lion sejant may also be
                  used as a fountain (see page   Leazes Park Lion             Leazes Park Lion
                  90). Shown mounted on a       HE457 (left-hand)             HE458 (right-hand, not illustrated)
                  waisted octagonal base.
                                                Haddonstone played a key role in the lottery-funded restoration of Leazes Park, located in the very heart
                  Width at lion base: 280mm (11”)  of Newcastle upon Tyne.  Haddonstone created an impressive array of designs specifically for the project,
                  Width of base: 355mm (14”)    including urns, statues and these magnificent lions.
                  Height of lion: 610mm (24”)
                  Height of base: 280mm (11”)   Length of base: 1500mm (59”)   Height: 980mm (38 /8”)
                  Weight of lion: 35kg (77 lb)  Width of base: 800mm (31 ⁄2”)    Weight: 1000kg (2203 lb)
                  Weight of base: 35kg (77 lb)  Please note: requires mechanical lifting on site in all instances.


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