Page 7 - Essential Brochure 2016 230x230mm
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T H E   E S S E N T I A L   L E A N -T O   6 f t   x   8 f t                                                                     T H E   E S S E N T I A L   L E A N -T O   6 f t   x   1 0 f t

                                                                           The Lean-to greenhouse makes ideal use of a house, garage or garden wall, with one that  Both sizes of greenhouse are 7ft 5in to the apex, which allows even tall plants to grow
                                                                           is south facing being particularly beneficial.                on the wall side, and can be fitted with staging and shelving on the glass side. They
                                                                           The Victorians first realized that having a wall as a heat sink for a greenhouse would allow  come with 2 identical ends to allow the door to be fitted in either end for added flexibility.
                                                                           them to grow fruit trees and vines that would ordinarily not flourish in the UK’s climate.  There are several things to consider before building a Lean-to greenhouse, particularly
                                                                           Having a greenhouse that is attached to a house or garage also has the avantage of it  regarding the wall to which it will be attached. Is it vertical, and does it bow? Are there
                                                                           generally having better access to services such as water and electrics. And can make it  windows or other structural features to consider? These can be dealt with but it is best
                                                                      2276mm  easier to pop out to do those regular chores such as watering or opening vents.  to understand any issues before taking delivery.                                                   2276mm
                                                                           Built in the finest quality Cedar (as are all our structures) and measuring 6ft4inx8ft/10ft
                                                                                                                                         A Lean-to greenhouse has many benefits and will soon become an integrated part of
                                           1503mm                          the Essential Range Lean-to’s are designed to fit in gardens large or small.  your garden and home.                                                        1503mm

                                                                               Width       Length       Height     No. of Vents              Width        Length      Height     No. of Vents
                                                                              1937mm      2408mm       2276mm          2                    1937mm       2982mm      2276mm          3

                                                                               6ft 4in     7ft 11in    7ft 5 /2in                            6ft 4in     9ft 9 /2in   7ft 5 /2in
                  2408mm                              1937mm                                                                                                                                                  2982mm                             1937mm
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