Page 5 - Essential Brochure 2016 230x230mm
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T H E   E S S E N T I A L   6 f t   x   6 f t                                                                                     T H E   E S S E N T I A L   6 f t   x   8 f t

       The 6x6ft Cedar Essential greenhouse has been introduced as an entry level structure for                                          The traditional design of this 6x8ft Cedar Essential greenhouse is ideal for the more
       customers who have a limited space. The greenhouse is made to the same high specification                                         modest garden, up to a very large plot. Suitable for propagation, growing summer salads
       as all our other greenhouses but to slightly smaller dimensions. This glasshouse is a great                                       or over-wintering of your precious potted plants. The 6x8ft greenhouse is the most
       alternative for anyone who may be considering a feature greenhouse like a hexagonal                                               popular model greenhouse sold and is a good size for the hobby or enthusiast gardener.
       building. This structure looks great as a feature greenhouse but the internal space can still                                     The proportions of this greenhouse suit most needs with ample room inside to grow a
       be very functional allowing a lot of growing room unlike a hexagonal greenhouse.                                                  variety of crops.
                                                                    2210mm                                                               Made from the finest Red Cedar and engineered to last this stunning looking glasshouse  2210mm
                                                                                                                                         does not need to be hidden at the bottom of the garden.

           Width       Length       Height    No. of Vents                                             1503mm                                Width        Length      Height     No. of Vents                                              1503mm
          1834mm      1834mm       2210mm          3                                                                                        1834mm       2408mm      2210mm          4

          6ft  /2 in   6ft  /2in    7ft 3in                                                                                                  6ft  /2 in  7ft 11in     7ft 3in
                                                                              1834mm                              1834mm                                                                                        2408mm                              1834mm
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