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                                                                    The Essential range is available in several popular sizes: 6x6ft and 6x8ft are traditional sizes
                                                                    for smaller gardens offering gardeners a generous growing space from a small footprint and
                                                                    enabling the cultivation of a wide range of traditional greenhouse plants.
                                                                    The larger 8x10ft and 6x10ft models are the preferred choice of experienced gardeners who
                                                                    know that when it comes to buying a greenhouse it makes sense to buy a size larger than
                                                                    you think you need. The additional growing space in the larger model allows you to grow a
                                                                    wider variety of plants and even position a comfortable chair on which you can relax and
                                                                    commune with your plants on a warm sunny day.                                                                                                                          Aluminium
                                                                    The Lean-to is a new addition to the range and makes ideal use of a south facing wall or                                                                               Door Runner
                                                                    courtyard garden.

                                                                    Our Cedar greenhouses have a wide range of features and specifications which we  Aluminium
                                                                    believe make them the best value timber greenhouse on the market.         Guttering

                                                                    • No internal supports or stays ensuring                                                                                                                                  Hasp & Staple
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               lockable door
                                                                        clean lines and ease of use.
                                                                    • All timber is pre-drilled for ease of construction.
                                                                        Our handmade mortice and tenon joints add
                                                                        superior structural strength
                                                                    • A more spacious interior for even temperature
                                                                        with high eaves and ridge maximising internal
                                                                        space for you and your plants.
                                                                    • Extra ventilation with two roof vents and two side                      Optional
                                                                                                                                             Metal Base
                                                                        vents, plus an optional louvre vent for more
                                                                        specialised growing (6x6ft model has two
                                                                        side vents and one roof vent as standard).
                                                                    • Wide opening sliding door on aluminium runner                        Included as standard
                                                                        with roller bearings. Low threshold entrance
                                                                                                                                           • Superior quality, 10 year guarantee  • Glass fixed in place with capping, no clips.
                                                                        for easy access.
                                                                    • Supplied flat packed with simple assembly instructions,              • Toughened safety glass throughout    • Stainless steel screws throughout
                                                                        and available online are comprehensive                             • High Capacity Aluminium Guttering    • Hasp and staple, lockable door
                                                                        video instructions.                                                • High Capacity Downpipe System
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