Page 6 - Essential Brochure 2016 230x230mm
P. 6

T H E   E S S E N T I A L   6 f t   x   1 0 f t                                                                                    T H E   E S S E N T I A L   8 f t   x   1 0 f t

       We always advise customers to go for the largest greenhouse they can fit on their plot                                            The largest Cedar greenhouse in our range with proportions that will make working in
       because once the greenhouse gardening bug bites you can never have too much room.                                                 your  greenhouse  a  pleasure.  The  extra  width  means  the  roof  space  is  increased
       The additional space in this 6x10ft greenhouse creates an excellent environment for                                               significantly creating an excellent environment for your plants.
       you and your plants.  The greater air volume means the temperature fluctuations are more                                          The door on this model is wider so access with a wheelbarrow or wheelchair is easily
       stable, which ensures a more consistent growing environment for your plants.                                                      accommodated. The design and construction of this excellent greenhouse will give you
       The attention to detail, design and quality of this structure will give you many enjoyable                                        an environment for your plants to cherish for many years to come.
       years of greenhouse gardening.
                                                             2210mm                                                                                                                              2411mm

           Width       Length       Height    No. of Vents                                             1503mm                                Width        Length      Height     No. of Vents                                         1503mm
          1834mm      2982mm       2210mm          4                                                                                        2408mm       2982mm      2411mm          4

          6ft  /2 in  9ft 9 /2in    7ft 3in                                                                                                  7ft 11in    9ft 9 /2in   7ft 9 /2in
                                                                             2982mm                             1834mm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                2982mm                            2408mm
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