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                                                FOUNTAINS - SELF CIRCULATING

                                                Andalos Fountain              Gothic Fountain with Lion Centrepiece HC253

                                                HC100                         Upper Base HA350 (optional)
                                                The twelve-sided bowl displays   The design comprises a self-circulating Gothic octagonal fountain
                                                an hexagonal Arabesque decora-  containing a unique lion head centrepiece.  Supplied with offset cable
                                                tion, whilst the hexagonal base   hole, pump and plumbing. Shown here on an optional Upper Base,
                                                has a twelve-sided decoration.   supplied in four sections.  A complementary design to the Gothic
                                                Rhythmical repetition of horse-  Fountain (see below) and Gothic Jardiniere (see page 35), the Gothic
                                                shoe arches suggests the foun-  Fountain with Lion Centrepiece was launched at the 2013 Chelsea
                                                tain could have originated in a   Flower Show.
                                                mosque complex. Includes pump.
                                                Jardiniere available, see page 32.  Fountain width: 800mm (31 ⁄2”)
                                                                              Fountain with Lion Centrepiece overall height:  1030mm (40 /2”)
                                                Width at rim: 725mm (28 /2”)  Fountain with Lion Centrepiece weight: 271kg (597 lbs)
                                                Width at base: 560mm (22”)    Upper Base width:  1092mm (43”)
                                                Height: 770mm (30 /4”)        Upper Base height:  89mm (3 ⁄2”)
                                                Weight: 171kg (377 lb)        Upper Base weight: 128kg (282 lbs)

                  Gothic Fountain HC251  Upper Base HA350
                  A freestanding fountain shown with optional Upper Base. Lower Base
                  also available. For diagram see Gothic Jardiniere on page 35. Supplied
                  with offset cable hole unless specified. Includes pump.
                  Fountain width: 800mm (31 /2”)   Fountain weight: 224kg (494 lb)
                  Fountain height: 660mm (26”)   TS  Tech Sheet No. F75

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