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Haddonstone’s Pebble Bowl    Pebble Pool Liner                                X460 PLAN
                  concept enables fountains to
                  be positioned in places where
                  excavation is not possible or   Inspection
                  desirable - making Pebble Bowls
                  ideal for patios or garden rooms.
                  The optional GC710C Pebble                                                 820mm
                                                                                             (32 1 ⁄4”)
                  Bowl Support raises the fountain
                  off the ground, see below left.

                  Each fountain centrepiece is also
                  available with a robust Pebble
                  Pool, which requires excavation,
                  as follows:  X465 Pebble Pool        Reinforcement Plate
                  [650mm (25 /2”) diameter,                           1010mm
                                                                       (39 3 ⁄4”)
                  305mm (12”) depth] or X460/
                  X461 Pebble Pool [ovoid 1010 x
                  820mm (39 /4” x 32 /4”), 410mm
                  (16”) depth]. See diagrams right,              To electric supply
                  Arcadian Single Fountain shown.                              Cable gland                                     410mm
                  The appropriate Pebble Pool is
                  identified alongside each product
                  description where relevant.                    X460 SECTION

                  Pebble Bowl                   Arcadian Single
                  Support GC710C                Fountain GC131

                  Shown with Lotus Flower       Includes pump and X460 Pebble
                  Pebble Bowl Fountain, see page   Pool. Pebbles not supplied.
                  109, (not included). Optional   Not available as a Pebble Bowl
                  for all Arcadian Pebble Bowl   Fountain.
                                                Height of stone: 470mm (18 /2”)  Triple Ball Fountain
                  Height: 210mm (8 /4”)         Max width of stone: 457mm (18”)  GC162
                  Overall diameter: 420mm (16 /2”)  Weight of stone: 27kg (59lb)
                  Weight: 39kg (86 lb)                                        Includes pump, plumbing and X461 Pebble Pool. Glass beads not
                                                TS  Tech Sheet No. F106       supplied. Not available as a Pebble Bowl Fountain.
                  TS  Tech Sheet No. F120
                                                                              Max height of stone: 355mm (14”)
                                                                              Total weight: 124kg (273 lb)
                                                                              Heaviest component: 47kg (104 lb)
                                                                              TS  Tech Sheet No. F110


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