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Venus E680                    Andromeda E640                Shepherdess HE655             Piper HE660

                  Venus, the goddess of love and   Taken from a XIX century Italian    The Shepherdess statue has   This charming figure of a young
                  fertility, is replicated from a late   original, Andromeda stands,   been created to provide the   boy playing a pipe has been
                  XIX century Italian white-marble   scantily clad, clutching a robe to   Gardener design with a partner.   modelled by Haddonstone from
                  sculpture. She is depicted with   her right breast whilst manacled   She is depicted in the style of a   an antique copy of the original
                  flowing locks, resting against a   to a rocky outcrop. In classical   rustic, in period dress with    that stood in the Villa Borghese
                  rocky promontory, a robe loosely   mythology Andromeda was   bonnet, laced bodice, flowing   until purchased by Napoleon
                  draped around her body.       chained to a rock before being   skirt and buckle shoes. In her   Bonaparte and subsequently
                                                found by the hero Perseus who   right hand she holds a wrought   displayed in the Louvre. Shown
                  Height: 840mm (33”)           released her, slew a monster   iron crook and under her left arm   on Dado Pedestal (see page 52).
                  Max. base width: 280mm (11”)  and obtained her as his wife.  she gently cradles a small lamb.
                  Weight: 57kg (126 lb)                                                                     Height: 1380mm (54 ⁄4”)
                                                Height: 1030mm (40 ⁄4”)       Height: 1380mm (54 /4”)       Max. base width: 355mm (14”)
                  Recommended pedestals: B335,   Max. base width: 345mm (13 ⁄2”)  Max base width: 350mm (13 /4”)  Weight: 140kg (308 lb)
                                                Weight: 80kg (176 lb)         Weight: 132kg (291 lb)
                                                                                                            Recommended pedestals: B255,
                                                Recommended pedestals: B255,   Recommended pedestals: B255,   B265, HB370, HB450
                                                B340, B350                    B265, HB370, HB450

                                                                                                    TS   Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings    65

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