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Byron E175

                                                                                                            Lord Byron was famously
                                                                                                            described as being “mad, bad
                                                                                                            and dangerous to know” by Lady
                                                                                                            Caroline Lamb. Byron (1788-
                                                                                                            1824) was an icon of his age and
                                                                                                            the subject of a major exhibition
                                                                                                            at the National Portrait Gallery in
                                                                                                            London during 2003.
                                                                                                            Haddonstone’s Byron is taken
                                                                                                            from a fine marble original
                                                                                                            carved by Edward Hodges Baily
                                                                                                            RA in c1826. During his
                                                                                                            lifetime, Byron was much admired
                                                                                                            for his extraordinary beauty of
                  Pan Term                                                    Bust of Pan                   appearance as well as his
                                                                                                            poetic genius. Haddonstone’s
                  E690                                                        E695                          replica captures the very essence
                                                                                                            of Byron.
                  This magnificent term depicts Pan, the Arcadian god of hills and   This bust is taken from our Pan
                  woods, who is the protecting deity of flocks and herdsmen. He is    Term E690.            Width of bust: 520mm (20 ⁄2”)
                  portrayed as having the body of a man, but with the beard and horns                       Width of socle: 214mm (8 ⁄2”)
                  of a goat, playing his syrinx. A beautiful lion’s skin, complete with mask,   Height: 770mm (30 ⁄4”)  Height: 790mm (31”)
                  robes his body and drapes the term pedestal shaft. Traditionally used   Width overall: 540mm (21 ⁄4”)  Weight: 71kg (156 lb)
                  for terminating a path or hedge, or alternatively is ideal for positioning    Width at base: 250mm (9 ⁄8”)
                  in a temple or grotto or as a focal point in a garden scheme.    Weight: 85kg (187 lb)    Recommended pedestals:
                                                                                                            B490, B495
                  Replicated from an early twentieth century original by the famous   Recommended pedestal: B310,
                  Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts.                           B440, B490, B495.
                  Height: 2020mm (79 ⁄2”)
                  Width at base: 700mm (27 ⁄2”)
                  Weight: 426kg (939 lb)

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