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                  “There is nothing adds so much to the Beauty and Grandeur
                  of Gardens, as fine Statues”
                                                                                           Batty Langley, 1728

                  Aurora HE800                  Aristotle HE805               Young Athlete HE850

                  Aurora, goddess of Dawn, after   One of the most important   This library bust is an exquisite replica taken from a fine bronze created
                  Michelangelo.  The original   founding figures in Western   in 1889 by the renowned Sabatino de Angelis of Naples.  The Sabatino
                  forms an integral part of the   philosophy, Aristotle (384-322   edition was created from an antique excavated in 1754 from the atrium
                  Michelangelo’s famous Tomb    BC) was a student of Plato and   of the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum having been buried in volcanic
                  of Lorenzo di Piero de’ Medici   teacher of Alexander the Great.  ash following the infamous eruption of Vesuvius in AD79.
                  (1492-1519) in the Church of San   Width of bust: 350mm (13 /4”)  The original bust is now displayed at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale
                  Lorenzo, Florence.  Machiavelli’s   Width of socle: 175mm (6 /8”)  in Naples. This bust would make a charming addition to a garden or an
                  ‘The Prince’ is dedicated to   Height 567mm (22 /8”)        interior such as a hall, drawing room or library.
                                                Weight: 29kg (64 lb)
                  Width of bust: 285mm (11 /4”)  Recommended pedestals: B130,   Width of bust: 285mm (11 /4”)   Height: 505mm (19 /8”)
                  Width of socle: 200mm (7 /8”)  B480, TLB490, TLB495         Width of socle: 165mm (6 /2”)   Weight: 18kg 40 lb)
                  Height: 550mm (21 /4”)                                      Recommended pedestals: B130, B480, TLB490, TLB495
                  Weight: 24kg (53 lb)
                  Recommended pedestals: B130,
                  B480, TLB490, TLB495

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