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B370 Pedestal          B360 Pedestal          B350 Pedestal        B120 Pedestal        B265 Pedestal     B255 Pedestal
                       (Shown with            (Shown with            (Shown with          (Shown with         (Shown with        (Shown with
                      Eastwell Urn)         Fontainebleau Urn)      Florentine Urn)    Large Versailles Vase)  State Vase)      Westonbirt Urn)

                  Dado Pedestal                 Large Winslow                 Georgian                      36”Queen Anne
                  B370, HB370 &                 Pedestal B360                 Pedestal B120 P               Pedestal B265        P

                  TLB370      P                 Large pedestal, identical in    Imposing pedestal with deep   A versatile pedestal featuring
                                                proportion to the Winslow     recessed compound mouldings.  a deeply fielded panel to the
                  Classical column pedestal
                  design with deep recessed     Pedestal B350, below. For use   Width at base: 700mm (27 ⁄2”)  pedestal shaft.
                  compound moulding.            with larger urns and vases.   Width at cap: 735mm (29”)     Cap and base width: 485mm (19”)
                                                Width at base: 750mm (29 ⁄2”)  Width of block: 546mm (21 ⁄2”)  Height: 915mm (36”)
                  Width at base: 457mm (18”)                                                          3
                  Height: 279mm (11”)           Width at top: 508mm (20”)     Height (inc. block): 908mm (35 ⁄4”)  Weight: 170kg (375 lb)
                  Weight: 61kg (134 lb)         Height: 293mm (11 ⁄2”)        Weight: 389kg (857 lb)
                                                Weight: 212kg (467 lb)
                  IMPORTANT                     Winslow Pedestal              Large Georgian                27”Queen Anne
                  PEDESTAL SITING
                                                B350                          Pedestal B122  P              Pedestal B255        P
                  It is essential that your Haddonstone
                  pedestal is sited on a firm and level   Robustly moulded pedestal,   Large and imposing pedestal   Pedestal featuring a deeply
                  area to suit site conditions and     ideal for raising urns and vases   with deep recessed mouldings   fielded panel to the pedestal shaft.
                  loadings. An 8 to 1 sand/cement   slightly above ground level.  based on the Georgian Pedestal
                  bedding mortar should be used                               (for image, see page 23).     Cap and base width: 485mm (19”)
                  to ensure that the weight of the   Width at base: 525mm (20 ⁄4”)                          Height: 685mm (27”)
                  pedestal and urn is spread evenly   Width at top: 355mm (14”)  Width at cap:  964mm (38”)   Weight: 153kg (337 lb)
                  across the base of the pedestal,   Height: 205mm (8”)       Height:  1123mm (44 ⁄4”)
                  avoiding any pivoting or twisting strain   Weight: 57kg (125 lb)  Width at base: 918mm (36 ⁄8”)
                  between stone components and                                Weight: 950kg (2093 lbs)
                  between stone and floor. We cannot
                  accept responsibility for cracking or                       Please note: requires mechanical
                  breakage if this instruction is ignored.                    lifting on site in all instances.

           52      P Personalised version available - see pages 124-127     TS   Tech Sheet No. M65      TS   Tech Sheet No. GAR4 Security Fixings

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