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                  LIGHTING (UK only)

                                                                                                            Haddonstone is able to offer
                                                                                                            lighting suitable for pool
                                                                                                            surrounds, fountains and
                                                                                                            gardens. The 12-volt system
                                                                                                            uses a transformer which can be
                                                                                                            submerged. As the transformer
                                                                                                            can be operated underwater,
                                                                                                            this enables long distances
                                                                                                            between the mains socket and
                                                                                                            the transformer to be bridged
                                                                                                            with conventional cables. Units
                                                                                                            can be connected to each
                                                                                                            transformer up to a maximum of
                                                                                                            150 watts.

                                                                              Lunaqua 10 (UK only)          A variety of other lighting
                                                                                                            effects and control systems are
                                                                              A very versatile lighting system,   available. Please ask for details.
                                                                              which can be used either
                                                                              underwater or in a normal garden
                  Small Globe Light X595A (UK only)                           setting. The 50 watt spotlights
                  Medium Globe Light X595B (UK only)                          are connected to the transformer
                                                                              via special plug-in connectors.
                  Large Globe Light X595C (UK only)
                                                                              The spotlight is made of
                  Designed as an alternative to Haddonstone’s cast stone balls or spheres
                  these Globe Lights are manufactured in polyethylene with a rough   shockproof plastic with an
                  surface to resemble stone during daylight whilst providing illumination   integral swivel bracket allowing
                  when mounted on Haddonstone Ball Bases or gate piers, used at   it to be turned through 180°, the
                  entrances, alongside driveways, on patios and in gardens during the   angle of beam being 24°.
                  evening or overnight.  Available in three standard sizes and four standard
                  colours: Sandstone, Weathered Stone, Grey Marble and Granite.
                  Also available in Portland and Bath colours to best match standard
                  Haddonstone stone colours.  Supplied with mounting bracket for fixing
                  to hard surfaces, with spikes available extra cost.  Cabling and bulb not
                  included (LED GLS 10.5w or 13.5w bulb recommended).


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