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For further examples replicated from the Soane Museum, see pages
                                                                              54, 60-62 and 112.

                                                                              Soane Corybantes Plaque TLQ975

                                                                              Corybantes were armed dancers who worshipped the Phrygian
                                                                              goddess Cybele with drumming and music.  Soane owned two casts
                                                                              taken from a celebrated original Roman relief at the Vatican Museum.
                                                                              Found at Palestrina, the panel is taken from a first century copy of an
                                                                              original dating from the fourth century BC.

                                                                              Height: 710mm (28”)     Max depth: 63mm (2 ⁄2”)
                                                                              Width: 725mm (28 ⁄2”)    Weight: 31kg (68 lb)

                                                                              Soane Apollo Sunburst Plaque TLQ979
                                                                              The latest design to result from the successful collaboration between
                                                                              Haddonstone and the Sir John Soane’s Museum is the Soane Apollo
                                                                              Sunburst Plaque.
                                                                              This exquisite design depicts the cherubic face of Apollo on a bold relief
                                                                              depicting the radiating sun’s rays. Apollo, the son of Zeus, is one of the
                  Soane Dancing Girl & Faun Plaque TLQ977                     most important of the Olympian deities of Greek and Roman mythology.

                  A charming plaque with a relief depicting a dancing girl and faun.  A faun   The Apollo sunburst motif was widely used by King Louis XIV of France,
                  was believed by the ancients to be half man, half goat who lived in the   the Sun King.  Louis XIV reigned for more than 72 years from 1643 until
                  forests, a manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or   his death in 1715, still the longest reign for a monarch of any major
                  hinder humans at whim.                                      European nation.

                  Height:  712mm  (28”)   Base depth:  37mm (1 ⁄2”)           At the Soane Museum the original eighteenth century marble plaque
                  Base width:  725mm  (28 ⁄2”)  Weight:  38k  (84 lb)
                                                                              overlooks the Monument Court.  Haddonstone’s replica is ideal for use
                                                                              to enhance a garden wall or folly, or as a decorative design gracing the
                                                                              interior of a conservatory, orangery, hallway or drawing room.
                                                                              Height:  340mm (13 ⁄2”)   Width:  620mm (24 ⁄2”)
                                                                              Depth of block:  20mm ( ⁄4”)   Weight:  13kg (29 lbs)

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