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            By studying the following pages, you will see how, with imagination and
            inspiration, architects and designers have used Haddonstone designs
            to great effect in a variety of gardens and landscapes.

            Each project has been achieved by using either standard Haddonstone
            components or custom-made designs created by utilising the
            company’s skilled craftsmen and extensive mould-making facilities.

            Whether standard or custom-made, within reason, the only constraint is
            your imagination...

             Colonnade at the Grade I listed Dyffryn Gardens near Cardiff.  Haddonstone’s obelisk is used to great effect at the RHS Gardens, Rosemoor.

                                                                                                                                  Design: Anthony Noel. Image: Andrew Lawson

             Haddonstone has been used extensively at this major South Korean project.  Evocative urban garden incorporating Large Versailles Vases and Pedestals.

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