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St Ives Modro System        ™  HP534/HP543
                  The St Ives Modro System™ is inspired by a Barbara Hepworth textile design.  The concept for this unique modular design comes from Rosie Irving,
                  designed by Rosie Irving and Antonia Young.  Haddonstone transformed the design into a three dimensional form for use initially as part of the
                  Chelsea Fringe, courtesy of Vauxhall One, before it was moved to Tate Britain for the duration of the acclaimed “Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a
                  Modern World” exhibition in 2015.  Born in 1903, Hepworth lived in St Ives from 1949 until her death in 1975.  Normally supplied by Haddonstone in
                  contrasting Portland and Slate colours reflecting the original Barbara Hepworth design.  The Portland elements are smooth, whilst the Slate elements
                  have a defined textured surface.  Being a modular system, a client can either recreate the Barbara Hepworth design in its entirety or just use certain
                  elements, either to create an entirely new shape or to just use a particular segment of the original, see below.  Mechanical lifting on site is required in
                  all instances.
                  Section:  450mm x 300mm (17 ⁄4” x 11 ⁄16”)   Maximum Height:  450mm (17 ⁄4”)      Overall Width:  7350mm (289”)
                  Overall Length:  10840mm (427”)            Total Weight: 17,000kg (37,445 lbs)    Weight per metre:  315kg (694 lbs)

                                                                                                            The complete St Ives Modro
                                                Inspiration came from this original                         System  available from
                                                Barbara Hepworth textile design.                            Haddonstone features planting
                                                                                                            areas.  The four main segments
                                                © Bowness, Hepworth Estate. Image                           are also available separately, see
                                                courtesy of Belgrave St Ives.                               below for more information.

                           Module A                      Module B                      Module C                      Module D


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