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                       I am delighted to welcome you to our latest

                       Haddonstone catalogue. This edition, more than
                       ever, focuses on the skills and abilities of our       CONTENTS

                       workforce both in the UK and USA. Throughout
                       this catalogue you can see our team at work.

                       At my last count our team had over 1,500
                                                                                INTRODUCTION                          PAGE 3
                       combined years of experience with Haddonstone,

                       averaging 15 years for each and every one.
                                                                               GARDEN & LANDSCAPE                    PAGE  7
                       Engagement with our customers is absolutely

                       vital to our future. We welcome visitors to our
                       show garden and showrooms where we will                 ARCHITECTURAL CAST STONE            PAGE 131

                       offer you a coffee and you can look around
                       at your leisure and, if desired, be guided
                                                                               FIREPLACES & INTERIORS              PAGE 203
                       by a member of our highly knowledgeable
                       architectural and ornamental sales teams.

                       For the professional Architect, Landscaper              USEFUL INFORMATION                  PAGE 211
                       and Installer we offer training sessions where

                       you can learn more about cast stone and the
                                                                               INDEX                               PAGE 222
                       essentials of installation. Many have come away

                       from these sessions both enthralled and more
                       confident in their use of Haddonstone.

                       Finally, our company aim is “To embellish your

                       surroundings through our creation of fantastic
                       stonework”. I hope, by looking through this

                       catalogue, you will be inspired and can envisage
                       ways in which our stonework can do just this.

                       Please enjoy the journey.

                       David Barrow, Managing Director


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