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                  The Standard                  The 1100                      The Kensington                The Spiral
                  Range                         Balustrade                    Balustrade (USA only)         Balustrade

                  Illustrated on pages 149 and 150,   Shown on page 151, this is a   Shown on page 151, this    Shown on page 152, the
                  the standard range is available   heavier balustrade designed   is an imposing balustrade of    Spiral Balustrade is available only
                  in four styles: Flat and Part-  to comply with the Building   handsome proportions.       as standard with flat rail, K533G-
                  Weathered, each available to suit   Regulation height of 1100mm                           style baluster, standard style of
                  central or side run-in situations,   (43 ⁄16”) required in certain   It comprises weathered rail,   plinth and optional T920 style
                  with a choice of standard balusters.   instances. It comprises a    upper and lower plinths,   of under-coping to the radii and
                  If balustrades are to be used as   weathered rail, weathered plinth,   Regency-style K610B square   falls indicated.  Custom designs
                  a parapet wall or a raised terrace   Georgian-style baluster and    balusters and rectangular piers.   are regularly manufactured to
                  edge, we have several optional   rectangular pier.          The plinth moulding is used to   individual requirements.
                  under-copings that can be used                              frame the inset panel of the pier
                  below plinth course to increase the                         shaft.
                  height of the balustrade, or to cap
                  a substructure (see page 156).


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