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                  Looking to mark a special occasion or anniversary?  Or simply wanting a
                  crafted name plaque or welcoming message for your home?  Or a way to
                  say thank you to a special friend?

                  Haddonstone can now provide a solution with a new personalised
                  engraving service called Haddonstone Personalised.  As standard, at no
                  extra cost, we can offer three typefaces or fonts - serif, serif italic and
                  sans serif - and three infill colours for the lettering - black, slate grey and
                  gold.  In these pages you will see our standard range of Haddonstone
                  Personalised designs where we can offer this service – with all of the
                  designs being created in our Northamptonshire studios.

                  To place an order simply visit
                  or contact the Haddonstone office who will be pleased to help you with a
                  standard design or explain how to further customise the design for your
                  specific requirements.

                                                                              Personalised Circular Stone PER640
                                                                              (excluding planter)
                                                                              A circular plinth which can be used with a number of Haddonstone’s
                                                                              planters or on it’s own (shown with A610 Sheraton Vase).
                                                                              Diameter: 450mm (17 ∕4”)
                                                                              Depth:  50mm (2”)
                  Personalised Block Planter PER915                           Weight:  17kg (37 lb)

                                                                              Other suggested planters:  A490 Magnolia Vase, A220 Cliveden Vase, A575
                  This contemporary planter featuring a geometric pattern is suitable for   Small Scrolled Jardiniere, A534 Small Roman Jardiniere, TLHA540 Roman Vase,
                  engraving on more than one face if required.  Standard version (shown)   HA910 Crucible , A913 Small Olympian Urn, A915 Small Olympian Bowl
                  incorporates engraving on one face only.

                  Width: 305mm (12”)
                  Height: 305mm (12”)
                  Weight: 20kg (44 lb)


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