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Raphael Seat D510 (including Ram Supports)
                                                                         Designed for a livery company in the City of London. Using four rams
                                                                         couchant, this is an interesting variation on the original Raphael Seat.
                                                                         For dimensions see Raphael Seat D500 below.

                                                                         (Registered Design No.2006991)
                                                                         TS  Tech Sheet No. M70 & M71
                                                                       Original concept for Ram Supports: Lingard + Styles, landscape architects  The imposing Raphael Seat incorporates decorative panels thought
                                                                         Raphael Seat D500

                                                                         to be inspired by Raphael’s grotesque decorations in the Vatican with
                                                                         both Etruscan and early English Renaissance influences.

                                                                         Length: 2217mm (87 ⁄2”)
                                                                         Depth: 609mm (24”)
                                                                         Height: 1194mm (47”)
                                                                         Weight: 875kg (1930 lb)

                                                                         (Registered Design No. 2006991)
                                                                         TS  Tech Sheet No. M70 & M71

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