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Soane Corybantes Plaque TLQ975

            Corybantes were armed dancers who worshipped the Phrygian
            goddess Cybele with drumming and music.  Soane owned two casts
            taken from a celebrated original Roman relief at the Vatican Museum.
            Found at Palestrina, the panel is taken from a first century copy of an
            original dating from the fourth century BC.
            Height: 710mm (28”)     Max depth: 63mm (2 ⁄2”)
            Width: 725mm (28 ⁄2”)    Weight: 31kg (68 lb)

                                                                        Soane River God Mask TLQ970

                                                                        The Soane Museum original is a design created by the famous Coade
                                                                        manufactory and dates from c1775.  Attributed to the English sculptor
                                                                        John Bacon (1740-1799) and probably inspired by the seventeenth
                                                                        century garden sculptures at Versailles, the mask is in the form of a
                                                                        keystone and can be used as an architectural feature or simply as an
                                                                        intriguing interior decoration or in a landscape.
                                                                        Height: 585mm (23”)        Width at base: 295mm (11 ⁄8”)
                                                                        Width at top: 435mm (17 ⁄8”)   Max depth of base block: 55mm (2 ⁄8”)
                                                                        Weight: 30kg (66 lb)

                                                                        Soane Dancing Girl & Faun Plaque TLQ977

                                                                        A charming plaque with a relief depicting a dancing girl and faun.  A faun
                                                                        was believed by the ancients to be half man, half goat who lived in the
                                                                        forests, a manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or
                                                                        hinder humans at whim.

                                                                        Height:  712mm  (28”)   Base depth:  37mm (1 ⁄2”)
                                                                        Base width:  725mm  (28 ⁄2”)  Weight:  38k  (84 lb)
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