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             Margam Swagged Urn E510

             A very elegant Georgian urn with formal floral and lion-head
             decoration. Haddonstone was commissioned to restore the original
             urns at Margam Orangery, South Wales, as part of the British project
             for the 1975 European Architectural Heritage Year. Originally
             manufactured by the illustrious Coade company.

             Width overall: 585mm (23”)
             Width at base: 255mm (10”)
             Height: 660mm (26”)
             Weight: 75kg (165 lb)

             Ham House                     Pineapple and Base            Margam Masked                 Rugby Finial
             Pineapple E380                E590                          Urn E500                      E595

             The National Trust granted the   An early XVIII century pineapple   A Georgian-style urn adorned in   Replicated from an original
             right for Haddonstone to include   design.                  high relief with naturalistic vines   design on behalf of Rugby
             in its Collection a perfect replica                         and satyr heads. This piece   Borough Council, this finial
             of the beautiful Coade Stone    Height: 585mm (23”)         was also restored for Margam   features strong gadrooning
             pineapples adorning the       Width overall: 345mm (13 ⁄2”)  Orangery, South Wales.       to the body with moulded
             perimeter pedestals at Ham    Width at base: 280mm (11”)                                  top surmounted by a flame.
             House, Richmond.              Weight: 43kg (95 lb)          Width overall: 560mm (22”)
                                                                         Width at base: 255mm (10”)    Height: 1300mm (51 ⁄4”)
             Height: 820mm (32 ⁄4”)                                      Height: 915mm (36”)           Width overall: 450mm (17 ⁄4”)
             Width overall: 455mm (18”)                                  Weight: 78kg (172 lb)         Width at base: 290mm (11 ⁄2”)
             Width at base: 300mm (11 ⁄4”)                                                             Weight: 107kg (236 lb)
             Weight: 95kg (209 lb)

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