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             Equine Head E570

             The original of this impressive
             Equine Head was excavated at
             Civitavecchia near Rome and
             acquired by the Medici family who
             sent it to Florence in 1585. It was
             later adapted to serve as a fountain
             spout in the courtyard of the Medici

             Depth of bust: 890mm (35”)
             Width of bust base: 340mm (13 ⁄2”)
             Width of socle: 380mm (15”)
             Height: 1010mm (39 ⁄4”)
             Weight: 183kg (403 lb)
             Recommended pedestals: B120, B265

             Large Lion Finial             Lion Finial E460              XVIII Century Lion E450
             HE461                         Lion Base A370B               XVIII Century Lion Pedestal B200

             This massive lion was originally   This lion sejant may also be    Well-proportioned lion couchant, which can be mounted on the B200
             created for a project in Qatar.    used as a fountain (see page 91).   pedestal. Suitable for terraces or tops of steps. See Specialist Services
             Identical in proportion to the   Shown mounted on a waisted   - Archives for Large XVIII Century Lion.
             Lion Finial E460.             octagonal base.
             Base width:  780mm (30 /4”)   Width at lion base: 280mm (11”)  Length of lion: 610mm (24”)
             Height:  2040mm (80 /8”)      Width of base: 355mm (14”)    Width of lion: 280mm (11”)
             Weight:  1500kg (3304 lb)                                   Height of lion: 405mm (16”)
                                           Height of lion: 610mm (24”)   Weight of lion: 56kg (125 lb)
             Please note: will require mechanical   Height of base: 280mm (11”)  Length of pedestal at foot: 645mm (25 ⁄2”)
             lifting on site in all instances.  Weight of lion: 35kg (77 lb)  Width of pedestal at foot: 330mm (13”)
                                           Weight of base: 35kg (77 lb)  Height of pedestal: 240mm (9 ⁄2”)
                                                                         Weight of pedestal: 57kg (126 lb)
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