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             SIR JOHN SOANE’S

            At the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show, Haddonstone launched a fabulous
            collection of designs, replicated from historic works of art on display at
            the renowned Sir John Soane’s Museum in London.  Sir John Soane
            (1753-1837) was one of the most inventive and celebrated architects of
            his time.  His surviving works include Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing, and his
            house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London (now the Soane Museum) which
            is probably his greatest legacy. The Museum contains his astonishing
            collection of artefacts.  Under the licencing agreement between
            Haddonstone and the Museum, the Museum will benefit financially from
            every sale made from the exquisite Soane Museum Collection.  This
            is a rare opportunity to acquire a design from the Museum’s historic
            collection for your own home, garden or landscape.  All these designs
            are made by Haddonstone under licence from the Sir John Soane’s

                                                                        Soane Caryatid HE675

                                                                        The most notable design being replicated by Haddonstone is the
                                                                        wonderful Soane Caryatid, originally created by the famous Coade &
                                                                        Sealy company in 1812.  This would have been one of the last designs
                                                                        created during John Sealy’s lifetime as he died in 1813.  A pair of these
                                                                        female figures stand on top of the projecting stone façade of Soane’s
                                                                        house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.  Soane used these caryatids in a number
                                                                        of projects, notably at his Bank of England and at Pitzhanger Manor, his
                                                                        country house in Ealing.  The original Coade caryatid design was based
            Soane Mouth of Truth Fountain TLC972                        on ancient Greek sculptures at the Erechtheion temple on the Acropolis
            Soane Mouth of Truth Mask TLQ972 (not illustrated)          in Athens, where the caryatids support an entablature.  Coade modified
                                                                        the design to create a magnificent free-standing figure.
            This large mask is similar to the Bocca della Verità in Rome that
            famously features in Audrey Hepburn's 1953 film "Roman Holiday".   Height:  1806mm (71 ⁄8”)
            Dating from the Roman Hadrianic period or later, with its theatrical   Maximum base width:  460mm (18 ⁄8”)
            appearance, the Soane Mouth of Truth Mask features an open mouth   Weight:  446kg (982 lb)
            with flowing hair and can be used as a wall plaque or can be adapted
            for use as a built-in wall fountain.  An intriguing design that would be
            equally at home in a contemporary or classical setting.

            Height: 640mm (25 ⁄4”)   Depth: 85mm (3 ⁄8”)
            Width: 647mm (25 ⁄2”)    Weight: 42kg (93 lb)
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