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Antinous HE840

            Antinous (111-130 AD) was an important member of Emperor Hadrian’s
            entourage.  Deified by Hadrian after his death, Antinous came to be
            considered the personification of youthful beauty.

            Width of bust: 550mm (21 ⁄8”)   Height: 790mm (31 ⁄8”)
            Width of socle: 250mm (9 ⁄8”)   Weight: 84kg (185 lb)
            Recommended pedestals: B170, B490, B495, B901

            Eros HE845                                                  Apollo Belvedere              Diane Chasseresse

            This fine torso is a Roman copy of a Greek bronze original attributed   HE830             HE835
            to the sculptor Praxiteles.  In Greek mythology Eros was the primordial   From the full size Roman marble   From the full size Roman
            god of sexual love and beauty.  Inscribed “1378 TORSE ANTIQVE   copy, after the ancient Greek   marble copy, after the ancient
            D’AMOVR. L‘AMOVR GREC MUSE VATIC”.  The original marble is in the   statue by Leochares embodying   Greek statue depicting Diana
            Vatican Museum.
                                                                        masculine beauty in all its   the Huntress by Leochares.
            Width: 440mm (17 ⁄16”)                                      plentitude, it is one of the most   Prominently displayed at
            Height: 970mm (38 ⁄4”)                                      celebrated sculptures from    Fontainebleau in the sixteenth
            Weight: 103kg (227 lb)                                      classical antiquity.  The original   century, the original marble is
            Recommended pedestals: B255, B265                           is in the Vatican Museum.  Often   now in the Louvre, Paris. Often
                                                                        paired with Diana Chasseresse.   paired with Apollo Belvedere.

                                                                        Width of bust: 565mm (22 ⁄4”)  Width of bust: 420mm (16 ⁄2”)
                                                                        Width of socle: 250mm (9 ⁄8”)  Width of socle: 220mm (8 ⁄8”)
                                                                        Height: 790mm (31 ⁄8”)        Height 740mm (29 ⁄2”)
                                                                        Weight: 83kgs (183 lb)        Weight: 50kg (110 lb)
                                                                        Recommended pedestals: B170,   Recommended pedestals: B170,
                                                                        B490, B495, B901              B490, B495, B901
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