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            Haddonstone continues to work with leading                                   Soane Caryatid                        8
            architects, designers and museums around the world.                          Soane Mouth of Truth Mask             8

            The result of our most recent collaborations with the                        Soane Corybantes Plaque               9

            Sir John Soane’s Museum, Adam Architecture and                               Soane River God Mask                  9
            Robert A.M. Stern are included in this section.                              Soane Dancing Girl & Faun Plaque  9
                                                                                         Soane Hercules                       10

            Attention to detail and a commitment to design                               Soane Term                           10
            quality have resulted in the creation of these new                           Orleans Bowl                         11

            designs, comprising a wide range of interior and                             Large Orleans Bowl                   11
            exterior products.  Having been identified as a market                       Large Fontainebleau Urn              11

            leader with a reputation for outstanding replication                         Large Georgian Pedestal              11
            and design, superb performance and unparalleled                              Rhubarb Forcer                       12

            customer service, Haddonstone is proud to have been                          Gothic Fountain
            chosen to create new designs in partnership with                                with Lion Centrepiece             12

            these illustrious organisations.                                             Athenian Wall Fountain               13
                                                                                         Promenade Box                        13
                                                                                         Classic Fireplace                    13
            General Note:  It is essential that garden ornaments are sited
            on a firm and level area. An 8 to 1 sand/cement bedding                      Gibbs Collection of Porches          14
            mortar should be used to ensure that the weight of the garden                Inspirations                         16
            ornaments are spread evenly, avoiding any pivoting or twisting
            strain. Haddonstone cannot ccept responsibility for cracking
            or breakage if this instruction is ignored.

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