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             “There is nothing adds so much to the Beauty and Grandeur
             of Gardens, as fine Statues”
                                                                                      Batty Langley, 1728

            Isis HE810

            Acquired by Charles Townley, the famous collector, during his second
            Grand Tour of Italy (1771-74).  Townley himself believed the bust
            represented Isis, considered by the ancients as the ideal mother and
            wife as well as patron of nature and magic.
            Width of bust: 450mm (17 /4”)
            Width of socle: 240mm (9 /2”)
            Height: 690mm (27 /4”)
            Weight: 65kg (143 lb)
            Recommended pedestals: B170, B490, B495, B901

             Apollo E700                   Diana E705                   Aurora HE800                  Aristotle HE805

             Apollo was a great and powerful   Diana, or Artemis, is the virgin   Aurora, goddess of Dawn, after   One of the most important
             deity, one of the leading figures   huntress of classical mythology,   Michelangelo.  The original   founding figures in Western
             in all of mythology. Young and   sacred to all things natural and   forms an integral part of the   philosophy, Aristotle (384-322
             handsome, he became best      wild, protector of women in   Michelangelo’s famous Tomb   BC) was a student of Plato and
             known for his oracles and for   labour and newborn children.   of Lorenzo di Piero de’ Medici   teacher of Alexander the Great.
             his interest in music. A twin   She was a proud and beautiful   (1492-1519) in the Church of San   Width of bust: 350mm (13 /4”)
             of Diana, or Artemis, Apollo is   goddess and a formidable   Lorenzo, Florence.  Machiavelli’s   Width of socle: 175mm (6 /8”)
             represented here in the classical   warrior. She assisted in the birth   ‘The Prince’ is dedicated to   Height 567mm (22 /8”)
             style of Phidias, the 5th century   of Apollo, her twin brother, and   Lorenzo.          Weight: 29kg (64 lb)
             BC Greek sculptor.            the bond between them was    Width of bust: 285mm (11 /4”)  Recommended pedestals: B130,
                                           very strong. Created here in the   Width of socle: 200mm (7 /8”)
             Height: 515mm (20 ⁄4”)        style of Phidias, the 5th century   Height: 550mm (21 /4”)  B480, B490, B495
             Max. base width: 235mm (9 /4”)  BC Greek sculptor.         Weight: 24kg (53 lb)
             Weight: 52kg (115 lb)
             Recommended pedestals: B170,   Height: 530mm (20 ⁄8”)      Recommended pedestals: B130,
                                                                        B480, B490, B495
             B490, B495                    Max. base width: 295mm (11 /8”)
                                           Weight: 48kg (106 lb)
                                           Recom. pedestals: B170, B490, B495
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