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Armillary Sphere X714 (for B495 Pedestal/D130 Plinth)

             Designed and created exclusively for Haddonstone by the
             world-renowned David Harber workshop, the Armillary Sphere is
             calibrated to tell solar time and features the Haddonstone sundial verse.
             Made from solid brass throughout, the Armillary Sphere has three rings
             depicting the equator, the meridian and a colure. The gnomon, casts a
             shadow onto the equator band which is engraved with Roman
             numerals. The sphere is supported by a cruxiform stand on a circular
             base for securing to the plinth. Fixing screws are supplied. The Sphere
             can be calibrated for any country in the world.
             The Armillary Sphere features the Haddonstone sundial verse:

             “Make time, save time while time lasts.
             All time is no time when time is past.”
             Diameter: 530mm (20 ⁄8”)   Width of base: 190mm (7 ⁄2”)
             Height: 660mm (26”)       Weight: 7kg (15 ⁄2 lb)
             Recommended pedestals: B495, D130

                                                                         Adam Sundial Plinth D130 (for Armillary Sphere X714)

                                                                         An octagonal sundial plinth, in the style of Robert Adam, decorated
                                                                         with masks and margents of husks. An elegant support for the
                                                                         Armillary Sphere sundial. See also, Adam Sundial Plinth page 64.
                                                                         Width of table: 430mm (17”)   Height of plinth: 1070mm (42”)
                                                                         Width of plinth base: 430mm (17”)   Weight of plinth: 152kg (335 lb)

                                                                         (Registered Design No. 2013394)

                                                                         Adam Pedestal B495 (for Armillary Sphere X714)
                                                                         This stylish design - featuring a fluted shaft with palmette decoration to
                                                                         the base and capital - provides an alternative pedestal for the exclusive
                                                                         Armillary Sphere Sundial, see left.

                                                                         Width at base: 358mm (14”)   Height: 1087mm (42 /4”)
                                                                         Width at top: 345mm (13 /16”)   Weight: 123kg (271 lb)
                                                                         (Registered Design No 2038747)

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